The Central Stacks is a location in Pillars of Eternity 2.


The Central Stacks


Notes & Tips

  • In order to open the door to Restricted Section, you need to place 2 books on the indentations. See below:
  • While scions of forest and adra fought, the dreams of invaders died: The Founding of Readceras
  • They carried potential born of a word and shared like a secret: The Tribe of the People of the Deer
  • You can find these books on the bookshelves in this part of The Central Stacks, just don't get caught by the librarians. (you can distract them first then steal the books)
  • To open the vault door to The Oratory of Wael, you need to get the book held by the statue at the upper part of the region. Get there through the Quarantined Section.
  • On one of the infested librarian at eastside, there's The Annals of Llengrath, Volume I of V, which will trigger the Root and Branch quest.
  • In the Catalog Room, you will find Infested (pet) and Catalog Record: Bekarna's Celestial Grimoire (Wasting Minds).


General Information

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  • Recommended Level: ??



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Notable NPCs:

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