A Cordial Invitation

Level 6
Quest Type Side Quest
Region Periki's Overlook, Neketaka
Location Arkemyr's Manor
Reward/s 1,685 Total EXP
Quest ID 05_TSK_Arkemyr_Invite

A Cordial Invitation is a Tasks of Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire. Arkemyr wishes to meet me in person.


Important NPCs



  1. Speak to Arkemyr



  • Once you complete The Archmage's Vault, Arkmyr will immediately send an imp to invite you. (Acquiring the task: A Cordial Invitation).

  • Back to Arkmyr's Manor and speaks with him, he'll mention that he knows you're involved with the theft regardless if you deny it or tell the truth, Arkemyr will give you another quest Bekarna's Folly, where he asks for you to acquire the research of the wizard.





  • A Cordial Invitation
    • Arkemyr has invited me to speak with him at his manor.
  • Speak to Arkemyr
    • Arkemyr wishes to meet me in person. I can find his manor in Periki's Overlook and speak to him in his study.


End States

  • I met with Arkemyr at his manor as he requested.


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