A Dance with Death

Location Dunnage
Reward ??

A Dance with Death is a Quest in Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire. 


Important NPCs

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  1. Speak the Darcozzi Oath with Engoliero do Espirs at sea.
  2. Face Lucia Rivan.
  3. Return to Dunnage with the Floating Hangman.
  4. Sail with the Príncipi into Ondra's Mortar.
  5. Reclaim Engoliero do Espirs from Yseyr the Berathian.
  6. Speak with the Príncipi's leader in the Balefire Beacon of Dunnage.
  7. ??



  • Speak with Aeldys at Dunnage, then sail to Neketaka.
  • Reclaim Engoliero do Espirs from Yseyr the Berathian, he can be found at the Hanging Sepulchers.
  • When you are on the sea, to ship deck and use the Engoliero do Espirs. Floating Hangman and its captain will appear.
  • Defeat Lucia Rivan, or give her the sword in exchange for the ship. Then sail to Dunnage. (it's special Carrack, but not as good as a fully upgraded Junk)


Tips & Tricks

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