A Distant Light

Location Hasongo
Reward ??

A Distant Light is a Quest in Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire. 


Important NPCs

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  1. Sail to Hasongo
  2. Reach the adra lighthouse on the western end of the fort.
  3. Connect with the luminous adra in the lighthouse.
  4. Find the luminous adra on Hasongo.



  • Sail to Hasongo,  it's marked on your world map, on the north west of Neketaka.
  • Hasongo was visited by Eothas and controlled by nagas now. In the watcher tower near the port, you can learn from the survivors what happened.
  • You can use the ammunition in the workshop (near the north gate) to reload the mortar on the wall. If you have enough might and mechanics skill, you can use it to blast the naga cluster in the middle of the fort.
  • Reach the Lighthouse at the left side of the area, the Naga leader is guarding the adra inside. You can persuade them that it is not because of the surfacers' activity that adra became dim, and prove it by re-lit the adra. Otherwise you need to defeat these nagas to interact the adra pillar.
  • Once you interact with the adra pillar you will be connect to Eothas again, after the conversation you acquired the next quest He Waits in Fire


Tips & Tricks

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