A Distant Light

Level 8
Quest Type Main Quest
Region Deadfire - Northwest
Location Hasongo
Reward/s 5,400 EXP
Strand of Favor
Effigy's Resentment
Gift from the Machine
Quest ID 11_QST_Castles_In_The_Sand

A Distant Light is a Quest in Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire. Eothas has been spotted near Hasongo, an island with a Rauataian outpost and an adra lighthouse. Hasongo can be found to the west of Neketaka.


Important NPCs



  1. Sail to Hasongo
  2. Reach the adra lighthouse on the western end of the fort.
  3. Connect with the luminous adra in the lighthouse.
  4. Find the luminous adra on Hasongo.



  • Sail to Hasongo,  it's marked on your world map, on the northwest of Neketaka. (See Locations for more information.)
  • Hasongo was visited by Eothas and controlled by nagas now. In the watchtower near the port, you can learn from the survivors what happened.
  • You can use the ammunition in the workshop (near the north gate) to reload the mortar on the wall. If you have enough might and mechanics skills, you can use it to blast the naga cluster in the middle of the fort.
  • Reach the Lighthouse on the left side of the area, the Naga leader is guarding the Adra inside. You can persuade them that it is not because of the surfacers' activity that Adra became dim, and prove it by re-lit the Adra. To convince him to let you approach the pillar to restore it, either:
    • Say "Eothas came to reach the adra, not to punish anyone." or "I'm a Watcher. I can restore the adra if you'll just let me near it." then use Metaphysics 6.
    • Find Yanass in the cannon rampart and bring her with you. She will convince him on your behalf. If you haven't found Yanass yet, you can still leave and come back later. Sugaan won't attack you if you leave.
    • Ask with steel.
  • Otherwise, you need to defeat these nagas to interact the adra pillar.
  • Once you interact with the adra pillar you will be connect to Eothas again, after the conversation you acquired the next quest He Waits in Fire
  • If you sacrificed one of your companions to Skaen's Blood Pool during the events of Pillars of Eternity, the part of your soul that housed this memory will be returned to you, and you will be given the same permanent boon, granting you a unique bonus depending on the companion sacrificed. 
  • If you absorbed the souls in the quest Undying Heritage during the events of Pillars of Eternity, you will be re-granted Gift from the Machine, giving you +1 Might and +5% Max Health.





  • A Distant Light
    • I learned that Eothas has been spotted near Hasongo, an island with a Rauataian outpost and an adra lighthouse. Hasongo can be found to the west of Neketaka. I may be able to connect to him through the beacon.
    • (Alternate) I've reached Hasongo, now the site of a ruined fort. It appears as though Eothas marched through it. If I can find luminous adra here, I can connect to Eothas again.
  • Sail to Hasongo
    • Eothas was last sighted near Hasongo, an island northwest of Neketaka.
  • Reach the adra lighthouse on the western end of the fort
    • The Royal Deadfire Company built a lighthouse around luminous adra. Perhaps that's what Eothas was headed toward when I connected to him at Port Maje. If I can reach the lighthouse, I might be able to speak to Eothas again.
    • The adra lighthouse is on the western end of the fort.
    • I spotted some nāga lurking in the middle of the fort. There might be a way around them.
    • Zuhira mentioned that there might be an intact bombard along one of the outer walls.
    • I found a bombard atop the fort's walls. I might be able to use it against the nāga.
    • I'll need ammunition before I can use the bombard.
    • Zuhira told me someone named Aimuro was making explosive shells for the bombard. His workshop is near the northern gate.
    • I found an explosive shell for the bombard.
    • The bombard is rusted stuck. I'll need something to lubricate it before I can aim it.
    • I found some cooking fat that might loosen up the rusted gears.
    • I turned the bombard to face the group of nāga in the middle of the fort.
    • I've dealt with the large group of nāga in the middle of the fort.
    • Aimuro mentioned two alternate routes to the lighthouse. The first lies atop the fort's walls, while the second passes above the workshop and through the fleet master's office.
    • One of the soldiers warned me that nāga may ambush me if I get close to the water.
    • I found a manual that will help me aim the bombard properly.
  • Connect with the luminous adra in the lighthouse
    • The adra vein in the lighthouse has gone dark - a sure sign that Eothas drained it. I should be able to reach Eothas by making contact with the adra. However, a nāga named Sugaan bars the way.
    • Sugaan thinks the gods are punishing kith for disturbing their adra. That explains why he won't let me near it.
    • Sugaan let me leave, but he warned me not to return.
    • Sugaan let me leave, but he warned me not to return. Not unless I bring one of his dead to corroborate my story.
    • I found the soul of a nāga that witnessed Eothas' draining of the adra. Perhaps this will convince Sugaan.
    • I killed Sugaan.
    • Sugaan has allowed me to approach the adra.
  • Find the luminous adra on Hasongo
    • I've reached an island called Hasongo, and it's clear Eothas has been here, too. If I can find a source of luminous adra, I can connect to him again.


End States

  • I connected with Eothas at the lighthouse in Hasongo. He didn't tell me what he's doing - only to seek him at Magran's Teeth.


Tips & Tricks

  • ??



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