A Glimpse Beyond

Location Neketaka
Reward ??

A Glimpse Beyond is a Tasks of Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire. 


Important NPCs

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  1. Speak with Flaune Elette atop the Spire of the Soul-Seers.
  2. Begin the animancy experiment.
  3. Find a way back to the physical realm.
  4. Speak with Flaune.
  5. Return to Director Castol.



  • Speak with Flaune Elette atop the Spire of the Soul-Seers at The Sacred Stair.
  • Agree to participant in the animancy experiment.
  • You will be teleported to realm of beast of winter. FIght your way to the southeast coner. There you need to defeat Soul Collector.
  • The God of entropy will appear and speaks to you, afterward the portal to physical world will appear.
  • Speak with Flaune and she will give you next quest Skipping Ahead.


Tips & Tricks

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    • Anonymous

      21 Aug 2018 21:07  

      Whatever it is that you do. Choosing the Aggressive choice with "Let Me Taste Oblivion" at the end. You WILL die, and you'll have to load up a save after that. People are uninformed when i checked the details, regarding whatever your choices are, he wouldn't end you. He will by one of the many choices. Be aware of this, and don't listen to people who lack proper research. So you avoid this...cause my save was before i sat there fighting against a really, really unsettling and boring boss fight who did two things. Auto-Attack bonanza and some sort of super crappy debuff. Just put your boy, Eder up front and keep him above half HP. Unless you want him to fall by a unfortunate critical hit or something from the fat boss. I was a chanter, so i had less problems with it, concerning to summon minions and shooting from distance while buffing. These are just some experience notes i would like to give people to keep them up to date regarding this. Should you see other pages that says your choices doesn't matter and he'll let ya go. Raise an eyebrow first, make a save right after you've kicked the boss's arse, and attempt all the choices there is to debunk mine if so you wish, should you not believe me. I just don't like it when people make pages on sites without good amount of research and information, it concerns/worries me. Take care.

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