A Shout in the Dark

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A Shout in the Dark is a Quest in Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire. 


Important NPCs

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  1. Talk to Llengrath about Tayn's quest
  2. Enter the Collections.
  3. Find the source of the screams.
  4. Use the Memory Hoarder's Organ
  5. Use Llengrath's scroll instead of Tayn's.
  6. Return to Llengrath or Tayn.



  • After speaking with Tayn and Llengrath at Temple of Revelation, proceed to Collections. (you need to talk to Llengrath to get her scroll)
  • You need to explore Hall of Reconfiguration and enter The Assembly of Echoes.
  • Defeat the Memory Hoarder, then Approach the nexus, which will present you with three choices:
  • Read Tayn's spell into the aperture: Return to Tayn later and he'll inform you he wrote a little something extra into his spell that will cause the prisoners who knew too much to be "extra talkative", thus revealing the secrets the Hand Occult tried to suppress. You will receive 11810 XP and 5x Implosion Charge.
  • Read Llengrath's spell into the aperture:  Return to Llengrath and she says you sent the souls to their next life. You will receive 11810 XP and some valuable potions.
  • Reach down into the mouth of the instrument: You will an acquire an egg. The egg will hatch later and give you a pet.
  • After you read the scroll, return to Tayn or Llengrath to complete the quest.


Tips & Tricks

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