A Sinking Feeling

Level 6
Quest Type Side Quest
Region Queen's Berth, Neketaka
Location Bardatto Estate
Reward/s 810 XP
Bardatto Hull (Ship Upgrade)
Quest ID 09_QST_Crew_Members

A Sinking Feeling is a Quest of Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire. For this quest, Ezzali Bardatto asks the watcher to gather intel regarding a Valera plotting against her.


Important NPCs



  1. Find Zili Valera
  2. Find Persa
  3. Return to Ezzali



  • Talk to Ezzali Bardatto at Bardatto estate after you complete Salt in the Wound. She wants you to find Zili Valera and see if there's any plot against the Bardatto family.
  • Zili Valera is playing flute around one of the local watchtowers.
  • From Zili Valera, you learn that Persa is in charge of the plot. She can be found in The Gullet tavern.
  • Persa is in the storeroom of The Hole at The Gullet, with her some guards of Bardatto family. After you take care of them, pick up the Vault Schematics and talk to Persa.
  • Return to Ezzali once you have the information.





  • A Sinking Feeling
    • Ezzali Bardatto is convinced that the Valera family is planning to make a move against her.
  • Find Zili Valera
    • Ezzali Bardatto asked me to seek out information regarding a Valera plot against her. She suggested I start with Zili, a more easygoing member of the Valera family.
    • Ezzali said that Zili Valera plays his lute around one of the local watch towers.
    • Zili Valera has been killed.
  • Find Persa
    • Zili's pointed me toward his cousin, Persa, who frequents a tavern known as The Hole down in the Gullet.
    • Zili Valera has been killed.
  • Return to Ezzali
    • I think I've found all the information I'm going to. Hopefully, that's enough for Ezzali.
    • I got rid of Persa. That might help in future.


End States

  • Someone critical to the completion of this quest has been killed.
  • I got Ezzali the information she wanted, and she paid me well for it.
  • I got a little carried away while hunting down information for Ezzali. I don't think she'll be asking me for help again anytime soon.
  • I told Ezzali about the plan to rob her vault. However, I told her I didn't think destroying the Valera family was the right response. I'll need to work fast if I'm going to convince anyone of that.
  • I told Ezzali about the plan to rob her vault. She's eager to turn the tables on the thieves. Looks like things are going to get bloody in a hurry.
  • With the feud resolved, Ezzali has no use for this information.
  • The Valera family has already put their plan in motion- and it doesn't seem to be going very well. I decided to help the Valeras clean up their mess.


Tips & Tricks

  • ??



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