A Sorcerer and a Gentleman

Level 9
Quest Type Companion Quest
Region Fort Deadlight
Location Sayuka
Lifter's Refuge
Fort Deadlight
Periki's Overlook
Luminous Bathhouse

Let Remaro go:

Kill Remaro:

  • copper_pand_icon4,000
  • Minor Positive reputation with the Principi (if you diffused the situation with Malnaj)
Quest ID companion_qst_serafen

A Sorcerer and a Gentleman is a Quest in Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire. Serafen wants the Watcher to help him track down an old pirate named Remaro.  This is the companion quest of Serafen.


Important NPCs



  1. Help Serafen uncover information on Remaro at Fort Deadlight.
  2. Question Udyne at the Luminous Bathhouse in Neketaka.
  3. Head to Sayuka and search for any sign of Remaro or where he's gone.
  4. Claim the bounty on Remaro.



  • This quest begins in Fort Deadlight and only if you have Serafen with you.
  • While exploring the fort, he will stop you and bring up Remaro. Agree to help find the person to start the quest.
  • Head inside the Court and speak with Syri to learn about Remaro. To do this, you need to calm Syri down first, there are several dialogue options to do so. The easiest one is to keep picking the prompts that encourage Serafen to apologize to her. Syri will eventually tell you Remaro is gone, but his former bedroom is in the back and you can investigate it. To reach the bedroom, you will either need to fight through a lot of enemies, or simply complete the Blow the Man Down quest. The bedroom is right behind the tavern area and a dialogue will trigger as soon as you walk in. After listening to Serafen, your next goal is to reach Neketaka.
  • When you are at Neketaka with Serafen in your team, he will notice a boat captained by a famous ship hunter named Malnaj. You may decide to give the info of Remaro if she approaches you.
  • The Bathhouse is in Periki's Overlook district, so once you arrive, enter the bathhouse and you'll spot Udyne by the pool. Speak to her, and insist she helps by telling her Remaro was like family. She will finally tell you everything, and point you towards Sayuka.
  • Sail to Sayuka with Seferan, you will find Remaro at the port. You can either let him go, take his head for bounty or let Malnaj kill him. (Let him go will reward you Fire in the Hole, turn him in gets you 4000 cp)
  • Upon leaving Sayuka, Malnaj and her crew are waiting for you in their ship Misery's Delight. You can lie about killing Remaro and pay her 2000 cp (with Streetwise 5 + Diplomacy 8, and Seferan not in your team, this also give you minor Principi reputation. ). Or you can tell her to stop testing you, since you work for the council, and she will leave you alone. (With streetwise 13/intimidation 10). Otherwise, you need to fight her and her crew. (Does not affect your reputation with Principi)





  • A Sorcerer and a Gentleman
    • Serafen wants me to help him track down an old pirate named Remaro.
  • Help Serafen uncover information on Remaro at Fort Deadlight
    • Serafen doesn't believe that Remaro, a pirate hunted by the Príncipi for mutiny, could have committed the treachery they accuse him of. He asked me to help search Fort Deadlight for information about Remaro's current whereabouts.
    • We found a chest that used to belong to Remaro containing a letter to Serafen. It mentioned someone named Udyne at a place called Magic Waters.
    • Syri claimed that Remaro has left Fort Deadlight. While he was here, he stayed in the room down the hall on the right.
  • Question Udyne at the Luminous Bathhouse in Neketaka
    • Remaro supposedly met someone named Udyne at the Luminous Bathhouse in Periki's Overlook in Neketaka. Perhaps she knows how to contact Remaro.
    • A pirate captain named Malnaj found me on the street. She also seeks Remaro and asked if I had any information about the fugitive.
    • I didn't reveal any information about Udyne to Malnaj.
    • I revealed Udyne's location to Malnaj.
    • I discovered Udyne, a venerable elf warrior, in the Luminous Bathhouse.
    • Udyne told us that Remaro traded his ship for hers. According to her, Remaro claimed he would abandon the Deadfire for the west. He intends to resupply at Sayuka before setting forth.
    • Serafen noticed the Misery's Delight, a ship captained by the Príncipi shiphunter Malnaj, docked at Queen's Berth in Neketaka.
  • Head to Sayuka and search for any sign of Remaro or where he's gone
    • Udyne claimed Remaro intends to resupply at Sayuka before leaving the Deadfire. Serafen wants us to follow in search of the old pirate.
    • I discovered Remaro at the port of Sayuka.
    • Remaro revealed that his and Serafen's former captain, Bastian of The Sorcerer, had been selling the slaves they rescued.
  • Claim the bounty on 
    • The Príncipi placed a bounty on Remaro and should pay for proof of his demise. I need to collect proof from his corpse and bring it to whatever pirate at Dunnage is responsible for paying bounties.
    • I claimed Remaro's head as proof of his death.
    • I surrendered Remaro's head to the shiphunter Malnaj.


End States

  • We found Remaro at Sayuka and chose to let him go.
  • I provided Remaro's head to the Príncipi and collected their offered bounty.
  • I gave Remaro's remains to Malnaj.


Tips & Tricks

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