A Tidy Performance

Level 10
Quest Type Task
Region Dunnage
Location Radiant Court
Lifter's Refuge
The King's Coffin
Reward/s copper_pand_icon1,500
675 EXP
Quest ID 17_tsk_troupe

A Tidy Performance is a Task of Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire. The Pegleg Performers need the help of the Watcher to find a wizard and someone to play the role of Eothas.


Important NPCs



  1. Find talented performers for the Pegleg troupe in the Radiant Court.
  2. Return to the Pegleg troupe in the Radiant Court.



  • Talk to Pegleg troupe and learn what they need for their new show.
  • There's blue-skinned aumaua can play the role of Eothas, he can be found at Lifter's Refuge.
  • Taerna can join the show, but you need to pay her debts and persuade Harker of King's Coffin. (700 cp with Intimidate 8 or Diplomacy 10, 1400 cp, or kill Harker)
  • If you free Taerna in a diplomatic approach, some thugs will attack you because they think you secretly financing Harker.
  • Return to the Pegleg troupe in the Radiant Court. Watching the performance grants you 1,500 cp.





  • A Tidy Performance
    • The Pegleg Performers troupe is floundering with their current performance in the Radiant Court. To put on a better show and pack the house, they need the help of a wizard and a big blue aumaua. For a share of the profits, I've agreed to find suitable candidates to join the troupe's performance.
  • Find talented performers for the Pegleg troupe in the Radiant Court
    • The Pegleg Performers troupe at the Radiant Court needs two new members in order to spice-up their routine - a wizard and someone large enough to play the part of Eothas.
    • I've hired a wizard to provide stage effects for the play.
    • I've hired a blue-skinned aumaua for the play.
    • Harker, the owner of the King's Coffin reportedly keeps a lot of money hidden within his quarters.
    • Taerna, the wizard at the King's Coffin, is willing to join the play, but she owes 700 pires to the tavern owner, Harker.
    • There's a blue-skinned aumaua in Lifter's Refuge who could play the part of Eothas.
    • The wizard Taerna at the King's Coffin has expressed interest in the show, but I'll have to dig around the town to find someone that can play Eothas' part.
    • Harker refused to accept payment of Taerna's debt, believing her services to his tavern more profitable in the long run. I'll have to be more convincing or offer up more money.
  • Return to the Pegleg troupe in the Radiant Court
    • I've managed to hire the two performers that the Pegleg troupe needs to pull off their stage show. I should speak with the troupe's leader, Calandra, in the Radiant Court in Dunnage.


End States

  • I've hired the necessary troupers for the Pegleg Performers to stage their play.


Tips & Tricks

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