A Vote of No Confidence

Level 13
Quest Type Faction Quest
Region Queen's Berth, Neketaka
Location Vailian Trading Company Headquarters
Reward/s 16,875 Total EXP
Quest ID FCT_QST_VTC06_No_Confidence

A Vote of No Confidence is a Quest in Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire. Lueva Alvari has called together a meeting of the Vailian Trading Company's key investors, demanding Director Castol's removal from his post. This is a faction quest of VTC.


Important NPCs



  1. Attend the trial as a witness.
  2. Speak with Director Castol.
  3. Speak with Governor Alvari.
  4. Witness the final ruling by Nirro, Canta Nicese.



  • Speak to Lueva Alvari, who wants to enlist you to help her replace Director Castol in a corporate coup.
  • Meet the VTC board members upstairs.
  • Your testimony will decide whether Castol or Alvari comes out on top. You can contradict Alvari by:
    • Point out that the investment of men and resources at Poko Kohara did produce a usable vein.
    • Argue that the research in animancy is promising and could give the VTC tremendous power in time
    • You can ask Pallegina to intercede on behalf of the preferred company head.
  • Whoever prevails then enlists you to blow up the Royal Deadfire Company Powderhouse. If Maia is in your party, you must decide whether to continue to go along with the Vailian Trading Company's plans, in which case Maia leaves your party, or to decline the quest, ruling out the Vailian Trading Company as an ally.





  • A Vote of No Confidence
    • Lueva Alvari has called together a meeting of the Vailian Trading Company's key investors, demanding Director Castol's removal from his post.
  • Attend the trial as a witness
    • The Canta Nicese will want to hear from those involved in Director Castol's recent operations. That means me. Alvari asked me to join the council meeting in the director's chambers on the upper floor of the Vailian Trading Company headquarters.
  • Speak with Director Castol
    • Director Castol's position is secure. With Lueva Alvari exiled from Neketaka, she won't be around to challenge him further. Castol will probably have some idea of how to proceed from here.
  • Speak with Governor Alvari
    • Castol has been exiled, and Lueva Alvari is the new director of the Vailian Trading Company. Alvari will probably have some ideas as to how to proceed from here.
  • Witness the final ruling by Nirro, Canta Nicese
    • I've said my part. Now it's time to see what becomes of the Vailian Trading Company's leadership.


End States

  • Someone critical to the completion of this quest has been killed.
  • The Songretta has sentenced Alvari to exile, leaving Director Castol to lead the Vailian Trading Company's efforts to seize Ukaizo.
  • The Songretta has sentenced Castol to exile, granting the title of Director to Lueva Alvari in his place. She will lead the effort to claim Ukaizo, and has asked for my assistance in that regard.


Tips & Tricks

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