Acina's Tricorn

Type Helmets
Effects Shootist: +5 Ranged Accuracy, -20% Reload Time

Acina's Tricorn is a unique Helmet in Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire. Helmets can be equipped in their designated inventory slot and provide different effects.



A sailor of Vailian descent, Acina the Gaunt, a moniker she earned for her unusually lean frame, came of age in the Living Lands. Raised among ravenous beasts and carnivorous plants, the young dwarf took to the arbalest and arquebus shortly after she learned to walk. By the time she went to sea, she was one of the quickest shots around with either.

The impulsive Acina soon fell in with a ship granted a letter of marque by the Vailian Republics to counter Príncipi predation in the Deadfire. Though she earned her repute by the speed and accuracy of her shots, pirates around the region knew her almost as well for this hat, a sharp piece of headwear preserved with the fastidiousness born of the knowledge that few things pose greater danger than equipment ill-maintained.



Acina's Tricorn Information

  • Shootist: +5 Ranged Accuracy, -10% Reload Time
  • -10 Reload Initiative in Turn-based mode.



Acina's Tricorn Location/Acquire



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