Afflictions in Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire are negative Status Effects that can affect characters within the game. Afflictions are explicitly bundled sets of status effects that can be applied to, suspended, or fully removed from a character. While some afflictions have explicit overriding or exclusivity rules, most afflictions can co-exist with other afflictions.

When a spell is cast on a target, it and its subordinate effects and afflictions are all bundled together in a procedurally-bundled container created by the spell.

If these procedurally-bundled containers are applied while an identical version is in effect (e.g. Blessing cast on someone already under the effect of a Blessing), the new version replaces the old.

No matter how many effects are on the target, generally only the best bonuses and the worst penalties are applied.

Afflictions are grouped by the corresponding Attribute which is affected. So, Affliction targeting a particular  Attribute can be countered by a corresponding Inspiration, which also grants immunity against Afflictions of that type (for example, Constitution affliction like Sickened can be countered by Fit Inspiration).

Some creatures can be immune to one or more afflictions. If so, these afflictions cannot be applied to those creatures. If a creature has Resistance against Afflictions of some type, then incoming Affliction of that type will be downgraded in power and the weakest Affliction of that type will not be applied at all. Similarly, if a creature has Weakness against Afflictions of some type, then incoming Affliction of that type will be one tier higher.

Any Affliction related to a particular Attribute can be countered by any Inspiration related to the same Attribute.

Relative strength of Afflictions:

Might Afflictions: Stunned > Dazed > Staggered

Constitution Afflictions: Enfeebled > Weakened > Sickened

Dexterity Afflictions: Paralyzed > Immobilized > Hobbled

Perception Afflictions: Blinded > Disoriented > Distracted

Intellect Afflictions: Dominated > Charmed > Confused

Resolve Afflictions: Terrified > Frightened > Shaken


Might Afflictions


Staggered character has -5 Might and cannot Engage enemies.


A victim of Dazed has -5 Might, cannot Engage, and suffers -4 Penetration.


Stunned characters can't take any action, cannot Engage, have a penalty to all Defenses, -4 Penetration, and -5 Might.

Constitution Afflictions


A Sickened character has -5 Constitution and all incoming healing is reduced by 25%.


Weakened characters have -5 Constitution and all incoming healing is reduced by half.


Enfeebled characters have -5 Constitution, cannot be healed, and all hostile effects applied to them last 50% longer.

Dexterity Afflictions


Hobbled characters have -5 Dexterity and reduced Stride.


Immobilized characters can't move and have -5 Dexterity.


A Paralyzed target can't take any action. They have -5 Dexterity and 25% of all Hits against them convert to Crits.

Perception Afflictions


Distracted characters suffer -5 Perception and are considered Flanked.


Disoriented characters suffer -5 Perception, are considered Flanked and have +50% Recovery after their actions.


Blinded characters suffer -5 Perception, are considered Flanked, have +50% Recovery after their actions, -10 Accuracy, and the distance of all their ranged attacks is halved. Also cannot use or be affected by Gaze attacks.

Intellect Afflictions


Confused characters are -5 Intellect and all of their abilties and attacks are friend or foe.


A Charmed character fights for their former enemies, but will only use basic attacks, no abilities. -5 Intellect.


A Dominated target is subservient to the will of the enemy and will use everything at its disposal to fight its former teammates. -5 Intellect.

Resolve Afflictions


A Shaken character suffers -5 Resolve and -3 Power Level.


A Frightened character has -5 Resolve, -3 Power Level and cannot use hostile spells or abilities.


A character who is Terrified is at -5 Resolve, -3 Power Level, and can take no action other than to flee.  


Other combat status effects


Deflection is reduced by 10. Flanked character becomes vulnerable to Sneak Attack.


A Petrified character's soul temporarily transforms their body into immobile, brittle stone. They suffer the same effects as being Paralyzed.


Prone is a more effective Interrupt effect that knocks a character off their feet, taking longer for them to regain their footing.


Unconscious characters can't take action. Dexterity is reduced to 0. Reflex and Deflection are reduced by 40.  


Injuries are long-term afflictions. "Long-term" means they last until the character rests and consumes Food. Injuries are typically gained through scripted interactions or by being Knocked Out in combat. If a character has three Injuries and would receive another, they are Killed.

Acute Rash

Effects: -5 Fortitude, -3 Corrode Armor Rating

Bruised Ribs

Characters with Bruised Ribs suffer a penalty to their Constitution.

Effects: -20 Fortitude


Concussions inflict a penalty to the character's Resolve and Intellect.


Fatigue represents the physical and psychological wear and tear of demanding activity on a character.


Effects: -5 Fortutude, -3 Freeze Armor Rating

Gaping Wound

Effects: -25% Healing received, -15% Max Health

Major Injury

Effects: 50% of Crits converted to Hits, -2 Penetration, -15% Max Health

Serious Burn

Effects: -2 Dexterity, -3 Burn Armor Rating

Sprained Wrist

The Sprained Wrist injury inflicts a penalty to Deflection.

Swollen Eye

Characters with a Swollen Eye suffer penalties to Perception.

System Shock

Effects: -2 Perception, -3 Shock Armor Rating

Twisted Ankle

A Twisted Ankle injury reduces a character's Reflex defense.

Wrenched Knee

Characters with a Wrenched Knee suffer a penalty to Movement.

Effects: -25% Stride

Wrenched Shoulder

Wrenched Shoulders inflict a penalty to Action Speed and Might.

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