Akola's Apex Ward

Akola's Apex Ward
Type Large Shield
Deflection 20
Accuracy -8



Shield Engagement: +1 enemies Engaged
Superb: +6 Shield Deflection
Hard Counter: 15% chance to launch Crush counterattack when missed in melee
Blood Rage: +10 Accuracy and +10% weapon Damage when below 50% Health

Akola's Apex Ward is a Shield in Pillars of Eternity 2.



Long ago, a great Huana Huntress named Akola pitted her strength and endurance against the sea in the Trial of Waves. Armed with a spear, she set out to swim the breadth of the Spiny Reef - a shark-infested shallow beset by powerful surf and unpredictable tides. As she fought the waves, a massive pōraga shark ambushed her from below. If legends are to be believed, Akola battled the shark for three days before emerging as the victor. Exhausted but triumphant, she towed the defeated beast to shore. Its meat fed the people of her village for a month, and with the shark's skin and teeth Akola created this impressive shield.



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