An Honored Guest

Location Harbinger's Watch
Reward ??

An Honored Guest is a Quest in Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire. 


Important NPCs



  1. Read the wax-sealed letter
  2. Journey to Harbinger's Watch
  3. Speak with Vatnir
  4. Investigate the disturbance outside
  5. Find Vatnir in Harbinger's Retreat



  • Once you installed the Beast of Winter DLC, you will receive a waxed missive. Read it then head to harbinger's Watch. (at the southeast corner of Deadfire Archipelago, you can see it on your world map. )
  • You will find Vatnir in Harbinger's Retreat, however before you finish your first meeting with him, some disturbance happened. Go outside and see what's happenning.
  • A zombie dragon, called the Messenger is attacking the village. Defeat it, then return to Harbinger's Retreat. You can find Vatnir in his room. (pull the lever on the wall to open) 
  • You can recruit Vatnir now, he is a Priest/Celebrant/Zealot.


Tips & Tricks

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