An Honored Guest

Level 14
Quest Type DLC Main Quest
Region The Dead Floe
Location Harbinger's Watch
Reward/s 2,025 EXP
Quest ID LAX02_qst_critical_path_quest_01

An Honored Guest is a Quest of the DLC, Beast of Winter in Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire. High Harbinger Vatnir, leader of a Rymrgand cult out in The Dead Floe, has invited the Watcher to a feast in their honor, so that they may honor Rymrgand impending dominion over Eora.


Important NPCs



  1. Read the wax-sealed letter
  2. Journey to Harbinger's Watch
  3. Speak with Vatnir
  4. Investigate the disturbance outside
  5. Find Vatnir in Harbinger's Retreat



  • Once you installed the Beast of Winter DLC, you will receive a waxed missive. Read it then head to Harbinger's Watch. (at the southeast corner of Deadfire Archipelago, you can see it on your world map. See Locations )
  • You will find Vatnir in Harbinger's Retreat, however before you finish your first meeting with him, some disturbance happened. Go outside and see what's happening.
  • A zombie dragon, called the Messenger is attacking the village. Defeat it, then return to Harbinger's Retreat. You can find Vatnir in his room. (pull the lever on the wall to open) 
  • You can recruit Vatnir now, he is a Priest/Celebrant/Zealot.





  • An Honored Guest
    • A letter sealed with the symbol of the god Rymrgand arrived for me. I should read it.
    • (Alternate) A group called the Harbingers of Dusk have invited me to a feast in my honor at Harbingers' Watch in the Dead Floe. 
  • Read the wax-sealed letter
    • A messenger delivered a leather scroll sealed with the emblem of the aurochs to my ship. I should read it when I have a chance.
  • Journey to Harbingers' Watch
    • A group calling themselves the Harbingers of Dusk have invited me to attend a feast in my honor. I don't know who they are or exactly what they're celebrating me for. If I'm to find out, I must travel to Harbingers' Watch, the group's outpost at the Dead Floe - an expanding iceberg in the southern seas.
  • Speak with Vatnir
    • I've been informed that Vatnir, leader of the Harbingers of Dusk, can often be found preaching in a chapel located inside the settlement's central building. He should know why I've been summoned here.
  • Investigate the disturbance outside
    • Vatnir's sermon on my role in the end of the world and death of all things was interrupted by a loud commotion outside. The Harbingers were strangely elated by the noise. I should find out what's going on.
  • Find Vatnir in Harbingers' Retreat
    • Vatnir never made it outside. Now that I've slain the Harbingers' messenger - a decaying dragon - I should find the godlike and ask him what's going on.
    • Vatnir is no longer in the sanctuary, but since I didn't see him outside, he must still be within Harbingers' Retreat.


End States

  • I exposed Vatnir to the Harbingers as a fraud. He fled, but not before mentioning a temple deep within the iceberg - a temple containing a tear in the fabric of reality that could serve as an entrance to the White Void.
  • Vatnir told me of a temple frozen deep within the iceberg. Supposedly this temple contains a tear in the fabric of reality - an entrance to the White Void.
  • I killed Vatnir. With his dying breath, he mentioned a temple within the iceberg containing a tear in the fabric of reality - an entrance to the White Void.


Tips & Tricks

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