Annotated History

Level 18
Quest Type DLC Main Quest
Region The Black Isles
Location Temple of Revelation
Reward/s 3,037 EXP
The Mask of the Weyc
Quest ID lax03_cp_qst_02

Annotated History is a Quest of the DLCThe Forgotten Sanctum in Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire. The Watcher is contracted to find the missing archmage.


Important NPCs

  • Tayn
  • Llengrath



  1. Enter the Archives
  2. Pursue Maura
  3. Use the Incantations of the Hand to open the vault door leading to the Oratory of Wael
  4. Enter the Oratory of Wael
  5. Confront Fyonlecg
  6. Find the book Maura was searching for in the Oratory of Wael



  • First, visit The Central Stacks, you will learn from the librarians that Maura was chased by a masked individual. You can search the area a little, just don't steal books here cuz all librarians will attack you. (or don't get caught)
  • Head east to the Quarantined Section, and be prepared for battle. In the Quarantined Section, you can get another side quest Root and Branch (once you find The Annals of Llengrath, Volume I of V). Interact with the massive spore and it will reveal some information about Llengrath. Then it will attack, unless you can meet a Survival 18 or Diplomacy 23 check. The spore will then reveal that it wants to colonize Wael's body in the depths of the temple. You can tell it you will not interfere, or with Survival 15 offer to allow the spore to symbiotically infest you (while respecting your boundaries)
  • Fighting or negotiating with the spore will give you a key that unlocks the door leading to the Central Stacks, the one leading to Maura. Alternatively, it is possible to fight or sneak your way through the Restricted Section by collecting volumes of the History of Eora and placing them on the proper pedestals before activating the pedestal. The final pedestal is guarded by a lone Librarian you can avoid killing if you lead him away with distractions before activating the pedestal. The Oracle of Wael will later comment on your discretion if you don't kill any of the Librarians.
  • Back to The Central Stacks, search the new area and steal the book held by the statue. (don't be caught or the librarians will attack). Use the Incantations of the Hand to open the vault door leading to the Oratory of Wael.
  • You will find Maura and the Masked one at Oratory of Wael, no matter what you chose, a fight is imminent.
  • Fyonlecg will use environment mechanics to attack you, so stay alert and keep your group away from the energy beam. After you destroyed the  two power conduit on the left and right, Fyonlecg will join the fight himself. Be careful he can summon tentacles and mirrored souls.
  • After you defeated Fyonlecg, search its body. You can find the book Maura was looking for at bookshelf near her body.





  • Annotated History
    • The archmage Maura entered the Halls Obscured in search of something that might stop Eothas' destructive pilgrimage. Based on the notes Maura left in the Temple of Revelation, Tayn and Llengrath believe she may have ventured into the Archives.
  • Enter the Archives
    • I need to find my way into the Archives if I have any hope of finding Maura.
  • Pursue Maura
    • When I arrived in the Archives, I was greeted by the bodies of several dead Librarians and a stoic survivor cleaning up the mess. The Librarian told me Maura fled into the Quarantined Section, pursued by a masked figure.
    • The Spore Colony seemed to have had a run-in with Maura. It said she left south of here through a locked door, and the colony was kind enough to give me the key.
    • After killing the Spore Colony, I found Maura's grimoire on its body.
    • I ran into a group of Maura's tentacles in the Quarantined Section of the Archives. She can't be far now.
    • The lock on the Central Stacks Vault Door is inscribed with the symbol of a hand with an eye at its center. If I find this symbol elsewhere in the Archives, I may find a clue to this lock's construction.
    • The vault door's lock is too complicated for me to open on my own. Perhaps the Archives hold the answer for how to get past it.
    • I found a trio of lecterns in the Circulating Library section of the Archives. They bear two riddles and indentations where a book might go.
    • The Librarian told me the upper stacks in the Archives are restricted. I should tread lightly if I search that area for Maura.
    • I've found myself in the restricted section. There might be a clue for how to get past the vault door here.
  • Confront Fyonlecg
    • I was too late. The shadowy figure hunting Maura killed her - apparently, his name is 'Fyonlecg,' and he's murderously upset. I'll have to deal with Fyonlecg before I can find what she was searching for.
  • Confront Maura
    • The shadowy figure pursuing Maura found her before I could - and now she's dead. Well, sort of. The colony of spores making its home in the Archives seems to have taken control of what's left of her mind. Let's see what it has to say.
  • Find the book Maura was searching for in The Oratory of Wael
    • When I read Maura's soul, I learned she was looking for a book that would tell her how to get into Wael's body. She was certain the book was on this floor.
  • Use the Incantations of the Hand to open the Vault Door leading to the Oratory of Wael
    • I found a book of Hand Occult incantations that details a spell for making a lock appear more complicated than it actually is. Maybe this will help me get through the Vault Door of the Central Stacks.
  • Enter the Oratory of Wael
    • I opened the Vault Door. I should hurry upstairs to the Oratory of Wael - that must be where Maura went.


End States

  • Maura discovered a way to enter Wael's body - one must sacrifice a specific memory to a machine called a Trephine. She didn't know how to use the device, however. I possess that knowledge from my confrontation with the Memory Hoarder in the Collections.
  • Maura discovered a way to enter Wael's body - one must sacrifice a specific memory to a machine called a Trephine. Unfortunately, I've no idea how to operate such a device. The answers must be somewhere in his sanctum, though it doesn't seem to be in the Archives.


Tips & Tricks

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