Annotated History

Location Quarantined Section
Reward ??

Annotated History is a Quest in Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire. 


Important NPCs

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  1. Enter the Archives
  2. Pursue Maura
  3. Use the Incantations of the Hand to open the vault door leading to the Oratory of Wael
  4. Enter the Oratory of Wael
  5. Confront Fyonlecg
  6. Find the book Maura was searching for in the Oratory of Wael



  • First, visit The Central Stacks, you will learn from the librarians that Maura was chased by a masked individual. You can search the area a little, just don't steal books here cuz all librarians will attack you. (or dont be caught)
  • Head east to the Quarantined Section, and be prepared for battle. In the Quarantined Section, you can get another side quest Root and Branch. At the upper left chamber of Quarantined Section, defeat the sporelings to get the key to unlocking the door to The Central Stacks.
  • Back to The Central Stacks, search the new area and steal the book held by the statue. (don't be caught or the librarians will attack). Use the Incantations of the Hand to open the vault door leading to the Oratory of Wael.
  • You will find Maura and the Masked one at Oratory of Wael, no matter what you chose, a fight is imminent.
  • Fyonlecg will use environment mechanics to attack you, so stay alert and keep your group away from the energy beam. After you destroyed the  two power conduit on the left and right, Fyonlecg will join the fight himself. Be careful he can summon tentacles and mirrored souls.
  • After you defeated Fyonlecg, search its body. You can find the book Maura was looking for at bookshelf near her body.


Tips & Tricks

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