Arquebuses in Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire is covered on this page.

Arquebuses proficiency grants Aimed Shot ability,  +20 Accuracy with Arquebus weapons, - 25% Action speed with Arquebus weapons.



Arquebuses Weapons




Reload Time



Arquebus_U_BlightheartBlightheart       Burial Mound south-west of Motare o Kōzi. Coordinates 8*25 South, 60*25 East
Arquebus_U_dragons_dowryDragon's Dowry 32-42 Pierce 6.8s 13 The Brass Citadel: Sold by Uto.
Three Bells ThroughThree Bells Through  15-22 Pierce 6.8s  13

Acquired by completing Maia Rua's quest  The Courier's Calling.

The Red Hand 26-34 Pierce 6.8s 11 Sold by Ernezzo in Delver's RowNeketaka


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