Bekarna's Folly

Level 15
Quest Type Side Quest
Region Neketaka
Location Bekarna's Observatory
Reward/s 16,875 Total EXP
Concelhaut's Skull
A Whale of a Wand
Iron-Clasped Grimoire
Arkemyr's Illuminating Discoveries
Quest ID 09_QST_Crew_Members

Bekarna's Folly is a Quest in Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire. The Circle of Archmagi believes that Eothas could do unprecedented harm to the Deadfire. Research notes from the wizard Bekarna could prove useful in mitigating the damage, Arkemyr dispatched the Watcher to Bekarna's observatory and collect her findings.


Important NPCs



  1. Travel to Bekarna's observatory.
  2. Search the observatory for Bekarna's research.
  3. Unlock Bekarna's orrery.
  4. Return to Arkemyr.
  5. Activate the orrery.
  6. Retrieve Bekarna's notes.



  • This quest is started upon completion of A Cordial Invitation.
  • Sail to Bekarna's observatory, it's on northwest of Neketaka. (See Locations for more information.)
  • Search the library and defeat the enemies within, don't forget to collect Huana legend books. (4 pieces in total.) The Huntress, The Leviathan and The Kingfisher can be found at first level. Read them and go up a level. The fourth part The Panther, is located behind Concelhaut on the roof.
  • Reach the Bekarna's orrery, there you meet Concelhaut, defeat him and his sidekicks. After he's destroyed, you get to keep his Iron-Clasped Grimoire, and Concelhaut's Skull as a pet. (This can be a challenging fight, Concelhaut constantly cast spell reflection on himself. )
  • Wait until nightfall and look through the telescope at the four constellations mentioned in the legend. Now you can unlock the orrery with the control panel at its base. Click on the lower part of the opened, glowing orb to obtain Bekarna's Research and the unique wand A Whale of a Wand.
  • Return to Arkemyr, who waits at the scrying pool in his manor's basement.





  • Bekarna's Folly
    • The Circle of Archmagi believes that Eothas could do unprecedented harm to the Deadfire. Research notes from the wizard Bekarna could prove useful in mitigating the damage. Arkemyr dispatched me to her observatory, but the Circle is not the only group with an interest in Bekarna's findings.
  • Travel to Bekarna's observatory
    • The research station is located on a small island due northeast of Neketaka.
  • Search the observatory for Bekarna's research
    • Bekarna may have left something useful behind before she abandoned her observatory.
    • The observatory is crawling with mercenaries. Arkemyr was right about someone else seeking Bekarna's findings.
    • A massive orrery commands the top of the research station. It might warrant a closer look.
  • Unlock Bekarna's orrery
    • Bekarna hid something important within the orrery at the top of her research station. The device has a mechanism for entering the coordinates of stars in the night sky. The plaque on the orrery controls mentioned something about a Huntress and the three stages of her tale - perhaps all four parts of the story can be found somewhere in the observatory.
    • I can locate the Huntress in the night sky by searching for her bandoleer of stars using the telescope by the orrery.
    • I've learned the coordinates of the Huntress constellation.
    • The constellation of the Kingfisher is situated between a pair of, especially bright stars. I'll need to use the telescope by the orrery to locate it.
    • I've learned the coordinates of the Kingfisher constellation.
    • The constellation of the Panther is situated near a string of stars that curve like a bow. The telescope near the orrery will be useful in locating it.
    • I've learned the coordinates of the Panther constellation.
    • The Leviathan constellation can be found above a cluster of stars resembling a canoe. The telescope near the orrery will be needed to find it.
    • I've learned the coordinates of the Leviathan constellation.
    • It's impossible to use the telescope during the day. I'll have to wait until nightfall to do any stargazing.
  • Return to Arkemyr
    • Now that I have Bekarna's notes, Arkemyr and the Circle of Archmagi will want to study her work. I can find Arkemyr at his manor in Periki's Overlook.
    • One of Arkemyr's imps informed me that Arkemyr can be found at the scrying pool in the laboratory level of his manor.
  • Activate the orrery
    • I located the coordinates of all four celestial bodies which Bekarna referenced in her instructions. I should be able to activate the orrery and reveal whatever she was hiding.
  • Retrieve Bekarna's notes
    • After activating the orrery in Bekarna's observatory, the model of one of Eora's moons opened to reveal a hidden cache. Whatever Bekarna hid must be inside.


End States

  • I returned to Arkemyr and presented him with Bekarna's research. Hopefully this proves useful to him and the Circle.


Tips & Tricks

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      How do I use the telescope to observe the constellations? If I use it at night, it just says "An ocean of stars stretches out before you. The night sky is no stranger, but you seldom see it with such intimacy."

      Then I just get 1 option to continue, and that ends it, and I can't do anything else.

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