Black Isle Bastards Logbook


Black Isle Bastards Logbook is a Book in Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire. Books are found in various Locations and provide Lore about Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire.



Black Isle Bastards Logbook Complete Text

I told the crew we was to call the Black Isle Bastards "privateers" now on account of us having a benefactor what funded our hull repairs, stocked our larder, and filled our coffers. All she wanted were a written log what showed our work. So, here goes.Captain Fyrgist of the Black Isle Bastards

1. Jerek, Aedyran peasant. Pissed himself when I pressed my cutlass to his neck.
2. Mess ler, 31st of his Black Isle Bastards Logbook. Not so high and mighty anymore.
3. Corpse with exactly 333 odd coins on him. Swear I seen him before.
4. Godlike, looked like a lionfish. Dove to the waves, lost.
5. Katharak. Spider-headed, bristling with guns.
6. Abyda. Ransomed, no takers. Sold to Crookspur.
7. Endre Warg. Animancer. Tossed overboard with his device.
8. Gambling monk. Stole his dice, his winnings, his life.
9. Andresi Nunes. Darcozzi. Shiny armor didn't stop a cannonball.
10. Man with a sack of wooden rats and a jar of ashes? Got rid of him quick.
11. Lightfoot - keelhauled. May have poisoned our rum.
12. Another floater. Had a note pinned to his forehead - Perebor. Someone got to him first.
13. Mad dwarf ran off a pier before we could kill him. Shame, really.
14. Lord Siman of the Marsh. Died penniless. No manor?
15. Captain Marzagal. Ransomed to Black Brygo’s crew. Owe him a favor.
16. Aaronijah. Called himself an emperor. I called him chum.
17. Skaenite cult worshipping a godlike infant. Left the infant on Maje.
18. Orlan with big teeth. Shaved him for calling me a coward, tied him to the mast.
19. Lilia. Laden with jewels. Sunk.
20. Babbling fellow with an odd trinket. Got away, good riddance.
21. Blue orlan, black beard. Ransom paid.
22. Flavia Varese. Marooned by request.
23. Wizard in purple robes. Ugh.
24. Lady catching gulls with a trouser leg. She ate three before we could stop her.
25. Havarian. Fed him to a passing kraken.
26. Mestre Lovatus. Took his fine scalpels as a prize.
27. Scholar with a pet cactus. Plant's been growing larger since I fed it our poisoned rum.

New fish in the sea - the Defiant, Captain [Player Black Isle Bastards Logbook]. Not long for the Deadfire.

The log cuts off prematurely. The rest of the pages are marred by powder burns.



Where to Find Black Isle Bastards Logbook

  • Looted from Fyrgist aboard his ship The Heaving Harlot. It is found sailing the seas around The Black Isles.



Black Isle Bastards Logbook Notes & Tips

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