Blow the Man Down

Location Fort Deadlight

Kill Benweth: ??

Save Benweth Option 1: 1000cp

Save Benweth Option 2: Reputation bonus with the Principi 

Blow the Man Down is a Quest in Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire. 


Important NPCs



  1. Sail to Fort Deadlight.
  2. Locate Benweth.
  3. Find a means to reach Benweth.
  4. Confront Benweth.
  5. ??



  • Sail to Fort Deadlight, use Principi to avoid attack.
  • The Fort is full of pirates, unless you plan to kill all of them. You need to find a clever way to approach Benweth. (he is in the command)
  • There some merchants in this fort, you may want to trade with them.
  • On the west side of the court, you find some pirates drinking. Challenge them to a drinking game, it will draw the attention of guards. Sneak into the forge before the guard return.
  • Lamond in the forge recognized you but he's also planing against Benweth. To get his help, you need to free his crew first.
  • Use the stairs behind Lamond to reach the dungeon, his crew can be found in a brig at the southeast corner. (if you were uncovered by guards, you can kill them before they sound the alarm)
  • Free Lamond's crew, if you can lockpick the door you can find the key on the jailer.
  • Back to Lamond, he proposed to steal Benweth's ship and lure him out. (or you can just storm Benweth's quarter on the second level, but he's heavily guarded)
  • If you agree Lamond's plan, move east to the kitchen, use stairs to reach the personal dock beneath the dungeon. Kill the guards there and leave.
  • Go to the rooftop to sound the bell, Benweth will come out his quarter. You can decide what to do with him to complete the quest.


Tips & Tricks

  • ??




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