Broodmother's Fury

Level 9
Quest Type Side Quest
Region Tikawara
Location Tikawara
Hohina Ravine
Reward/s 6,075 Total EXP
Baubles of the Fin
Quest ID 00_QST_Tikawara_Lagufaeth

Broodmother's Fury is a Quest in Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire. Help Himuihi to deal with the lagufaeth problem.


Important NPCs



  1. Kill the Broodmother
  2. Or help the Broodmother free the captured lagufaeth



  • Speak to Himuihi at Tikawara to unlock the quest, you'll learn that she wants you to free the lagufaeth hatchlings at Tikawara. There are three ways to complete this quest:
  • First Option:
    • Agree to Himuihi in exchange for the tribe calling off its campaign of aggression against the village.
    • In order to free the laguafeth, you'll be required Diplomacy, Inisght (4), an Orlan race, and/or Intimidate (4). You can also tell her to leave the village as it is and if she disagrees with the idea, you can point out to her its nature with a skill check of Survival or Ranger (4). If you pass, she will hand over the Lagufaeth Cage Key, upon releasing them, they will run away and head towards the beach where they'll meet the broodmother, they will also thank you and leave behind the Baubles of the Fin for you to take later on.
  • Second Option:
    • Do not talk to Himuihi yet.
    • You can also avoid fighting the laguafeth at the Hohina Ravine if you want to. You'll have to free the hatchlings first before leaving the village. To unlock the door, you'll need sneak your way to the door to avoid loss of reputation and a skill check of Mechanics (3).
    • Upon freeing the hatchlings, speak to Himuihi, take the quest, and travel to Hohina Ravine. You'll notice that the Lagaufeth in the area will not attack you and one of the hatchlings will even greet you. Head towards the location of the Broodmother, tell her about freeing the hatchlings, and she will agree on leaving the village and she'll reward you with the Baubles of the Fin.
  • Third Option:
    • Accept the quest and head to Hohina Ravine, kill the broodmother, loot the Baubles of the Fin from its body, acquire its head and report back to Himuihi to complete the quest





  • Broodmother's Fury
    • Himuihi worries that the lagufaeth of Tikawara pose a grave threat to the village. She wants the broodmother dead.
    • (Alternate Description) The Huana captured some lagufaeth hatchlings, and the broodmother wants them back.
  • Hunt down the lagufaeth broodmother in Hōhina Ravine
    • Himuihi wants to eliminate the lagufaeth of Tikawara. She told me the broodmother lives in a ravine on the island - killing her should scatter the rest of the creatures.
    • I found the broodmother in the ravine. Strangely, she didn't attack me.
    • I freed the captive hatchlings in the village.
  • Return to Himuihi at the trading post in Tikawara
    • I killed the broodmother. Himuihi will be happy to hear the news.
  • Rescue the hatchlings imprisoned in the village
    • The tribe captured several lagufaeth hatchlings. The broodmother wants them released from the village.
    • I was told that Himuihi is handling the lagufaeth problem. She can be found by the village trading post.
    • Himuihi gave me permission to release the lagufaeth hatchlings held captive in the village.
    • Himuihi has refused to release the hatchlings. I could always resolve the hatchling situation myself...
  • Kill the lagufaeth broodmother in Hōhina Ravine
    • Himuihi believes the lagufaeth will leave the village alone if I kill the broodmother.
  • Rescue the hatchlings imprisoned in the Tikawara village
    • The lagufaeth broodmother is desperate to rescue her hatchlings. Releasing them could cement a truce between the creatures and the tribe.
  • Other Strings
    • The broodmother might be convinced to leave the village alone now.
    • I found a cage with several lagufaeth hatchlings by the beach.


End States

  • I killed the lagufaeth broodmother and removed the threat to the village.
  • I released the lagufaeth captives.
  • I negotiated a truce between the tribe and the lagufaeth of Tikawara.
  • I killed both the lagufaeth broodmother and Himuihi.


Tips & Tricks

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