Burning Bridges

Level 2
Quest Type Task
Region Island Maje
Location Sātahuzi
Port Maje

6,048 Total EXP
Give the money:

  • copper_pand_icon1,000
  • Minor Reputation

Take the money:

  • copper_pand_icon2,000
  • Rinco's Earring & an empty purse
Quest ID 09_TSK_Culture_Clash

Burning Bridges is a Task of Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire. Help Rinco to retrieve the money Mokeha stole.


Important NPCs




  1. Find Mokeha
  2. Confront Mokeha
  3. Return to Rinco




  • Talk to Rinco in his house at Port Maje. He tells you how he was beaten at the local tavern and his money stolen. He wants you to get his money back from a woman called Mokeha.
  • Talk to Thorel, the tavernkeeper. He will provide you some details.
  • Mokeha can be found in Satahuzi village. You can learn the other half of the story from her. Then you need to decide what to do next: force her to give back money to Rinco, let her keep the money, or persuade her to return the money in an adiplomatic way.
  • Return to Rinco for reward.





  • Burning Bridges
    • Tensions are running high between the Huana tribe and the Vailian settlers of Port Maje in the wake of the storm. One of the Vailians claims to have been violently accosted by a Huana warrior.
  • Find Mokeha
    • Rinco, one of the vendors at the local market, claims to have been having a friendly round of cards at the tavern when he got into a fight with Mokeha, a high-ranking Huana villager. He came out of that fight the clear loser. Bedridden, Rinco's asked me to retrieve the money Mokeha stole, in exchange for a portion of the winnings. Rinco suggested I could find Mokeha in the Huana village to the northwest of Port Maje.
  • Confront Mokeha
    • I found Mokeha, the ill-tempered Huana warrior. Now to convince her to relinquish her prize.
  • Return to Rinco
    • I have Rinco's coin purse, and can return it to him at his home by the harbor.
  • Return to Rinco
    • I convinced Ikawha to hand Mokeha over to the guards. It may please Rinco to hear that the situation's being handled.


End States

  • Someone critically important to the completion of this quest has been killed
  • I took care of Mokeha and returned Rinco's property.
  • It took some persuading, but I managed to get Mokeha to see reason. She and Rinco will never be fast friends, but this should at least keep things from souring further between the Vailians and the Huana.
  • I decided to let Mokeha keep the money. Rinco won't be pleased, but it's not as if he can do anything about it.
  • I decided not to trouble myself with Rinco's problems, and took his money for myself.
  • I convinced Rinco to leave Mokeha alone. He's not happy about it, but at least this won't escalate any further.


Tips & Tricks

  • You can also talk to Storm-Speaker Ikawha and convince her to hand Mokeha over to the guards. In that case Mokeha will be tied to a pole and you can get your reward from Rinco.
  • You can also pickpocket Rinco's purse from Mokeha while she's sleeping in her lodge at night.




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