Cadhu Scalth

Type Large Shield
Deflection 16
Accuracy -8


Shield Engagement: +1 enemies Engaged
Exceptional: +4 Shield Deflection
Soul Strike: Grants Soul Strike
Heavy Shard: +3 Deflection (Improves with Athletics skill/ 0.25 per 1pt)
Luminous Dissonance: -5% incoming Damage from Spells (Improves with Metaphysics skill), +5% incoming Damage from Weapons

Cadhu Scalth is an unique Shield in Pillars of Eternity 2.




This shield was constructed for the use of an Engwithan saint as he performed his eternal vigil. Crafted from a single slab of adra, Cadhu Scalth - "the Saint's Protection" - is a natural reservoir for soul energy and lent considerable power to the vessel who bore it. The saint was parted from his shield only when the volcano over which the sacred site he guarded erupted.

The shield was recovered many years later by a band of Roparu woodsmen where it was half-submerged in a quickmud pit. The Roparu, none of whom grasped the value of the find, retrieved it for curiosity's sake. The shield was no more than a novelty until it began to "sing," as the woodsmen described it. They recounted to their chieftain that the dissonant melody hummed with "luminous colors" that revealed their lives past and shook them to their core. The chieftain, unwary of the implications of such tales, took the shield for his personal use.



Cadhu Scalth Information

  • Price: 1157 cp
  • Soul Strike, 1 per rest ability: cast time 0.7 sec, recovery time 4.0 sec, penetration 7, effects on target: 15-35 Crush, -5 All Defenses (Increases with Metaphysics skill) for 15.0 sec | Accuracy vs. Will 



Cadhu Scalth Location/Acquire

  •  Old City: a secret chamber in the Old Temple of Ondra, in a locked and trapped sarcophagus.


Cadhu Scalth Upgrades







Luminous Harmony -5% Damage taken from all sources (Improves with Metaphysics skill) 3000 Reagent x1, Awakened Adra x1, Living Steel x1 
Soul Smite 1 per rest ability, cast time 0.7 sec, recovery 4.0 sec, Interrupts on Graze, penetration 9, effects on target: 20-40 Crush, -5 All Defenses (Increases with Metaphysics skill) for 15.0 sec, 3m Push | Accuracy vs. Will  3000  Reagent x1, Awakened Adra x1, Spirit Residue x1




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