Casità Samelia's Legacy

Type medium armor
Base 9 Burn 9
Crush 9 Corrode
Pierce 9 Freeze 
Slash 7 Shock
Effects Exceptional: +2 Armor Rating
Confrontation: +5 Deflection that increases with Intimidate skill/ +0.25 per 1 pt

Casità Samelia's Legacy is an Armor in Pillars of Eternity 2.


Casità Samelia wore this breastplate while defending a ship of Darcozzi family dignitaries from a band of cutthroat pirates. In addition to a powerful warship and a bloodthirsty crew, the pirates also commanded a fearsome sea drake. Long-used to immediate capitulation in the face of such advantages, they were taken aback when the Darcozzi sloop, rather than heaving-to, came about, ready to fight.

Sword in hand, Samelia called for ramming speed and boarding action. Her crew and small cadre of paladins were outnumbered but not outmatched. They valiantly took the fight to their attackers but lost all initiative when the pirate's drake entered the fray. Only Samelia stood against the beast.

The enraged drake raked her across the breastplate, tearing it from her body and ripping steel and flesh. Mortally wounded, Samelia plunged her blade into the drake and pushed it back, forcing them both overboard. Her triumphant crew could only watch as their captain disappeared into the depths, her blade still embedded in the felled drake’s chest. On the deck, the paladin's ruined breastplate was all that remained of her.


Casità Samelia's Legacy Information

  • Price: 1140
  • ??


Casità Samelia's Legacy Location/Acquire

    • Looted from Atello Valera



Casità Samelia's Legacy Upgrades








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