Cignath Mor is a location in Pillars of Eternity 2.


Cignath Mor



Notes & Tips

Located outside Sayuka, you need to get quest Overgrowth to see it.

There is a locked stone door require you press the 4 mural in the correct order. (Serpent, Shark, Whale, Kraken)

General Information

  • Location: Appears south of Sayuka -after taking the quest from Fleet Master Okaya.  You must have spoken to Iverra to get the breathing underwater gear.
  • Recommended Level: 10-11



  • No sub area


Notable NPCs:

  • Galawain: protector of the Cignath Mor



  • No Merchants in the area





    • Anonymous

      15 Sep 2018 22:24  

      If you choose to fight the Kraken, attack his tentacle closest to you, he will move the others to defend it and you can easily wipe his arms out to make the main battle with his head easier. The wizard spell Ninagauths Freezing pilar work great for his head.

      • Anonymous

        15 Sep 2018 22:02  

        If you turn off the three machines, the area will flood and you will exit the area without solving the coral problem. The other option is to turn off the main Adra machine, however that makes Galawain mad and you will have to fight the Kraken on the way out of the area.

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