Cloaks in Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire are covered on this page. In Pillars of Eternity 2, Cloaks can provide various of protection.




Name Item Bonuses Location
Ajamuut's Stalking Cloak
Tracker: +1 Perception, +2 Stealth
Bushwack: +5% Damage to weapon attacks made from stealth,
+5 Accuracy to weapon attacks made from stealth, Attacks made from stealth Stun the target
Looted from a coin pile next to Jadaferlas the Ancient in the Lair of the Ancient in Ashen Maw.
Badrwn's Cover
Steeled in Darkness: +2 Stealth, +1 Resolve to allies in 5m radius (Excluding wearer) Sold by the Merchant Rebero in Queen's Berth
Cloak of Berath
(No Stats) Rewards from the Scavenger Hunt
Cloak of the Obsidian Order
(No Stats) Pre-order bonus
Cloak of Poverty
Impoverished: Wearer's Resolve increases the less money the party has The Deck of Many Things: Sold by Captain Thaenic.
Cape of the Falling Star
Lone Traveler: +7 to all defenses when not near allies
Fiery Descent: Deals Crush and Burn damage to nearby enemies on knock-out
The Deck of Many Things: Sold by Captain Thaenic.
Mantle of the Seven Bolts
Grounded: +2 Shock Armor Rating
Final Storm: Deals Shock damage AoE on Knocked Out
Storm of Seven Bolts: Grants Storm of Seven Bolts: Seven arcs of lightning that deal 32-43 Shock damage and bounce seven times, losing -20% damage per bounce (1 per rest) (In turn based mode, has initiative of 3)
Iolfr's Raiments
Parabolic Weave: 10% Chance to Reflect against Spells
Visual Refraction: +5 Deflection against Ranged weapons, +2 Stealth
Sold by Dimesa in The Treasure Trove (Dunnage)
Nemnok's Cloak
Life of Suffering: +15% Damage taken
Built for Pain: Ability triggers when wearer falls to 50% Health. Grants Ironskin
Blessed in Spirit: Ability triggers when wearer falls to 75% Health. Grants Spirit Shield
Cursed to Endure: Ability triggers when wearer falls to 25% Health. Grants Barring Death's Door
A crate in the Hidden Study of Drowned Barrows
Ragged Cloak
Vestment of Skaen: +1 Resolve, Raw Damage retaliation Attack when Critically Hit in Melee ????
Rekvu's Scorched Cloak
Bloodfire: Grants Bloodfire (Burn Damage heals for 10% instead of dealing damage) Kohopa's Fang
Ruata's Walking Cloak
Well-Traveled: +1 Diplomacy and Survival
Unburdened: +15% Stride (increases with Survival skill/ 0.5% per 1pt), +5 Reflex
Reward for the quest Eulogy for the Dead
The Giftbearer's Cloth
Hidden Depths: +1 Quick Item slots, +1 Weapon Sets
Steward of Memories: +1 All Defenses except Deflection (Increases with the History skill/ 0.5 per 1pt)
Found in a sarcophagus in the southwest Cave of Threshing.
Three Trolls Stitched
Trollskin: +5 Health restored per 12 sec, -2 Burn and Corrode Armor Rating
(+2.5 health restored per round in turn-based mode.)
Iolfr's Raiments
Violet Redemption
Rebuttal in Blood: When Critically Hit in melee, negate wearer's next Recovery
Pernicious Retribution: While stationary, receiving melee weapon Hits grants 2% melee Damage (Stacks 5 times), While stationary, melee weapon Hits grant a stacking 2% melee Action Speed bonus (Stacks 5 times)
Siding against the Vailian Trading Company during the The City Lost to Time
Cloak of Deflection
Deflection: +4 Deflection

Sold by Rebero in Queen's Berth district, Neketaka

Muhai's Stash (Her Last Request quest)

Cloak of Greater Deflection
Greater Deflection: +7 Deflection Sold by Well-traveled Supplier in Port Maje
Cloak of Greater Protection
Greater Protection: +10 Fortitude, +10 Reflex, +10 Will

Arkemyr's Manor: in the vault

The Rimebound Temple - Eastern Cavern: a corpse in Snow Bear Den

Cloak of Protection
Protection: +5 Fortitude, +5 Reflex, +5 Will

Given by Captain Furrante as a reward for Blow the Man Down quest

Sold by Dimesa in The Treasure Trove (Dunnage)

Stormturner Cloak

Oilskin: Grants Armor Rating against Water attacks that increases as wearer loses Health (Max +3AR)
Neither Sleet: Grants Armor Rating against Freeze attacks that increases as wearer loses Health (Max +3AR)
Nor Storm: Grants Armor Rating against Shock attacks that increases as wearer loses Health (Max +3AR)

Sold at Tikawara trading post
The Magnificent Escape Cape
Neither Here Nor There: +10 Deflection against Disengagement attacks
Escape Artist: The Magnificent Escape: When Bloodied or Near Death, receive immunity to engagement and +50 Deflection (1 per encounter)

Sold by Well-traveled Supplier in Port Maje

Sold by the Merchant Temple Vendor at The Sacred Stair




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