Coming to Terms

Level 1
Quest Type Task
Region Port Maje
Location Queen's Berth
The Wild Mare
Vailian Trading Company Headquarters

540 EXP
Convince Tawenu:

Convince the VTC:

  • Luca can be recruited
  • Minor positive reputation with VTC
Quest ID 03_TSK_Coming_To_Terms

Coming to Terms is a Task of Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire. Tawenu wishes to renegotiate the Duape tribe's contract with the Vailian Trading Company. 


Important NPCs




  1. Talk to Luca.
  2. Return to Luca.
  3. Convince the Vailian Trading Company to nullify the contract.
  4. Return to Luca.
  5. Return to Tawenu.




  • You meet Tawenu at the doorstep of Vailian Trading Company Headquarters. Listen to him and learn about his situation. If you agree to intervene, you need to talk to Luca inside the Headquarters. (you can only enter the HQ in the daytime)
  • Luca, on the other hand, told you Tawenu used forged papers in order to get the land back. You can persuade Luca to nullify the contract with diplomacy skills, or you can steal the original contract from the archive room in headquarter building. (you can find this information catching Luca in the local tavern drinking)
  • You can also aid Luca to get rid of Tawenu by persuading Tawenu to leave. Remember don't try to kill Luca or Tawenu otherwise this matter cant be solved legally.
  • Return to Tawenu or Luca for the reward.





  • Coming to Terms
    • Tawenu wishes to renegotiate the Duape tribe's contract with the Vailian Trading Company. The deal will legally pass ownership of their lands to Vailian control upon the death of their ailing chieftain.
  • Talk to Luca
    • Tawenu has had little luck navigating the trading company's bureaucracy. Since he was thrown out of the office, he asked me to intervene on his behalf. I can start by speaking with Luca inside the Vailian Trading Company offices.
  • Return to Luca
    • Tawenu is dead. Hopefully that solves Luca's problem.
  • Convince the Vailian Trading Company to nullify the contract
    • Luca insists that the contract with the Duape tribe is perfectly valid. I'll have to find some way to convince him otherwise.
    • Luca wants me to convince Tawenu to leave well enough alone. Now it's a question of which of them is in the right.
    • It seems that Luca has a penchant for heavy drinking. I wonder if I can use that to my advantage.
    • I've acquired Luca's key.
    • I've replaced the original contract. Let's see if that moves negotiations forward.
    • I've made changes to the original contract. Hopefully the new terms are convincing.
    • Apparently Tawenu presented Luca with a forged contract.
    • Luca keeps the Duape's original contract in the Archives Room of the Vailian Trading Company headquarters. The building is diligently guarded.
    • Luca frequents the local tavern after hours. I might catch him there and loosen his tongue.
    • Luca confiscated Tawenu's forged contract and locked it away in his chest.
  • Return to Luca
    • I convinced Tawenu to leave. Luca should be relieved.
  • Return to Tawenu
    • I was able to secure the Duape's rights to their lands. Tawenu should be pleased.
    • Luca has been killed. That puts an end to any hope of a legal solution to this matter.


End States

  • My old crew's dead and gone. Maneuvering the ship may be more difficult on my own, but at least my company is improved.
  • I didn't have the time to waste on finding my old crew. I left them on the island.
  • I couldn't save all of my old crew, but at least I won't be managing the ship entirely on my own.
  • We lost plenty of people in the wreck, but I managed to find a few of the old crew.


Tips & Tricks

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