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Compassionate Soul Essence is a Potion in Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire. Potions are concoctions that can be used in combat to give beneficial effects. The effectiveness of any given potion is increased by the user's Alchemy skill. 


This essence is derived from kith whose benevolent actions bolstered their spirits. Upon consuming it, the user becomes incorporeal, granting them the protection of the Veil.


Compassionate Soul Essence Information

  • Compassionate Soul Essence is a consumable item.
  • This potion was added to the Beast of Winter DLC.
  • Consuming this potion grants:
    • -25% incoming damage from non-Veil Piercing attacks
    • 50% enemy Crit to Hit change with non-Veil Piercing attacks



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Compassionate Soul Essence Tips & Notes

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