Critical Hit

A Crit is any attack roll that is above 100. A Crit that does damage increases the total damage done by 25% and the Penetration of the attack by 50%. A Crit on effects with a duration (typically afflictions like Sickened or Paralyzed) will increase the duration by 25%.

Critical Hit or Crit is a Combat mechanic in Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire. All attacks from all Weapons and Abilities are "Resolved" via  roll that determines its effect on the target.


Effect of Critical Hits

  • A Crit that does damage increases the Total Damage Done by 25% and the Penetration of the attack by 50%
  • A Crit on effects with a duration (typically afflictions like Sickened or Paralized) will increase the duration by 25%
  • Critical Hit Multiplier is a mechanic that increases the above values. See information below.


How to get Critical Hits

When an attack is rolled, the game first calculates each point of difference between the attacker's Accuracy and the target's Defenses, then moves the base scale to add or subtract requirement to posts. By default, Abilities and Equipment in use is calculated before setting the scale for the rolls. HOWEVER, there are certain special Abilities and Equipment that give a bonus a roll upwards one time after the attack has been resolved.

The Default Attack Scale


Example of Attack Resolution leading to Crit (attack from weapon against Deflection):

To-Hit: 41(Accuracy: 20 from Geomancer class +11 from Perception + 6 from Level +4 from Fine War Bow) - 27(Deflection: 20 base + 2 from Resolve -10 from Flanked + 15 from Path of the Damned difficulty) =14.

Roll: 90 (d100 roll result) + 14 (To-Hit value) = 104 (Crit)

Accuracy - Defense Miss Rolls Graze Rolls Hit Rolls Critical Hit Rolls
50 Accuracy vs 25 Deflection 01-05 06-25 26-75 76-100
25 Accuracy vs 50 Deflection 01-55 56-75 76-100 n/a
35 Accuracy vs 25 Reflexes 01-20 21-40 41-90 91-100
40 Accuracy vs 40 Deflection 01-30 31-50 51-100 n/a
10 Accuracy vs 30 Fortitude 01-50 51-70 71-100 n/a


Bonus Roll Abilities & Equipment

A special, secondary roll may be performed to change the outcome of the attack resolution if players have these specific abilities or equipment:

  • Abilities:
  • Weapons:
  • Armor:
  • Items:
  • Other


Critical Hit Chance & Multiplier

Players looking to benefit from Critical Hits should look into improving the effect of criticals. This is done by using specific Weapons and Items.

Weapons and Items that increase Critical Chance or Multiplier


Combat Terms
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    • Anonymous

      Actually now that i look more into it the in-game tutorial Combat -> Combat Attack Results page lists different scales. 0-24 = Miss, 24-49 = Graze, 50-99 = Hit, 100+ = Crit. All of the tooltips also give differing information with off-by-one errors and whatnot so none of the in-game sources are consistent. I decided to test it out instead:
      23 is a miss
      26 is a graze
      50 is a hit
      So most probably the attack scales are what the in-game tutorial page lists. With a 25 range being a miss, a 25 range being a graze and a 50 range being a hit.

      • Anonymous

        The in-game Attack Resolution Cyclopedia page states that less than 30 is miss, 31-50 is a Graze and 51-100 is a hit and greater than 100 is a crit. This page currently documents the attack table for poe1.

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