Crookspur is a location in Pillars of Eternity 2.




Notes & Tips

  • Located on the northwest of Hasongo.
  • Helm of the Falcon, Patinated Plate, Grave Calling: Sold by the generic merchant at the encampment.
  • Pet Misty: On the ramparts to the west.
  • Pet Rex: On the ramparts to the east.
  • The Willbreaker: In the dungeons, on a weapon rack to the north.
  • Shining Bulwark: In the fort interior, on a weapon rack to the east.

General Information

  • Location: ??
  • Recommended Level: ??



  • ??
  • ??


Notable NPCs:

  • Master Kua, head of the slavers.
  • Handsome Eliam, a death godlike slave.
  • Taskmaster Grom, an ogre torturer.
  • Bauha, Wahaki tribe warrior, locked in the dungeons.



  • Seafol, thief, merchant, and an agent of Aeldys.
  • Auctioneer Marcca, the salesman of the slavers.




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