Cruel Cargo

Level 12
Quest Type Side Quest
Region Crookspur
Location Ori o Koīki
Crookspur Island
Reward/s 2,430 EXP
Promise of Wahaki's allegiance to the Queen (Completes Fruitful Alliance)
Quest ID 16_qst_wahaki

Cruel Cargo is a Quest in Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire. Ruāsare, the Wahaki chieftain, seeks vengeance on the slavers of Crookspur.


Important NPCs



  1. Travel to Crookspur Island.
  2. Confront the leader of the slavers.
  3. Return to Ori o Koīki.
  4. Kill the Wahaki leaders.



  • This quest is received as an extension to Fruitful Alliance, as part of Ruāsare's terms of alliance with the Huana. It can also be done concurrently to Clearing Out Crookspur.
  • Travel to Ori o Koīki, the chieftain there insist you prove yourself worthy first before she agrees to ally with Queen Onekaza.
  • To prove yourself worthy, you need to free the Wahaki slaves from captivity, and purging the slavers from the island.  (See A Shrewd Proposition for more information.)
  • Sail to Crookspur and confront Master Kua. If you attack him, the whole island will be on alert, however, you can escape the fortress through the dungeon. (Once you freed the slaves, quest Tip of the Spear automatically failed. And you can side with Captain Furrante in A Shrewd Proposition.)
  • Return to Ori o Koīkiand report.





  • Cruel Cargo
    • Ruāsare, the Wahaki chieftain, seeks vengeance on the slavers of Crookspur. Many of her tribesman have been taken into bondage. She wants the leadership of Crookspur killed.
  • Travel to Crookspur Island
    • The center of the slaver operations is a small fortress on Crookspur near the tip of the island. The slaver fortress is known to be well defended.
    • Apāro, the chieftain's lover, lost his sister to the Crookspur slavers.
    • Apāro tells me that his sister, Bauha is a formidable fighter, and hates being called a coward. Perhaps I can use that to my advantage.
  • Confront the leader of the slavers
    • Ruāsare asserted that the slavers are trafficking in men and women illegally taken from the Deadfire. Infiltrating the fortress will help prove or disprove that claim.
    • I've been given an audience with Master Kua, who runs the operation on Crookspur.
    • Master Kua has given me access to the lower levels of Crookspur.
    • Crookspur has been put on high alert and the fortress is on lockdown. A drawbridge also bars the main exit.
    • The merchant Seafol also believes that slavers are peddling Deadfire locals.
    • Master Kua promised to reward me in kind if I were to kill the Wahaki chieftain.
    • I convinced some of the enslaved Wahaki to escape the prison through an underground passageway.
    • The Wahaki have made good on their word and incited a revolt on Crookspur. The path to the master should be clear now.
    • I found some Wahaki slaves imprisoned in the Crookspur dungeons. They might prove useful if I find a way to free them.
  • Return to Ori o Koīki
    • I freed a number of illegal slaves from Crookspur and exposed the master's operation. In so doing, I was able to convince him to stand down and flee the island before word spreads of his activities. Ruāsare will want to learn about this.
    • (Alternate Description) With Master Kua's death, the illegal trafficking of slaves will end. Ruāsare will wish to hear of this.
  • Kill the Wahaki leaders
    • It appears that the master was onto my ploy. Now that I'm locked in his dungeon, I'll need to find a way out.
    • I encountered Aeldys' contact. She believes that Crookspur is peddling illegal slaves.
    • A group of Wahaki slaves agreed to cause a distraction if I find the weapons that were taken during their capture. The slaves are in the dungeons of Crookspur.
    • I've secured the weapons taken from the Wahaki warriors. They will want these returned in order to begin their assault on the slavers.
    • Instead of having Bauha start a revolt, I convinced her to escape back to Ori o Koīki.


End States

  • The Wahaki Leaders were grateful for my help in riding their seas of the Slavers. For now, I have the trust of their tribe.
  • I decided to kill the Wahaki Leaders instead of assisting them.
  • I have displeased the Wahaki and there will be no compromise between us.


Tips & Tricks

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