Death's Depthless Dominion

Level 15
Quest Type DLC Main Quest
Region The Dead Floe
Location Temple of Decline
The Shattered Passage

2,430 EXP
Defeat the dragon:

Defeat the dragon and the Beast:

Quest ID LAX02_qst_critical_path_quest_03

Death's Depthless Dominion is a Quest of the DLCBeast of Winter in Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire. Defeat or negotiate with Neriscyrlas, to find a way back to mortal world.


Important NPCs



  1. Locate the dragon
  2. Collect soul fragments
  3. Search the echo realms and appeal to the souls sustaining them.
  4. Enter the Dragon's Lair
  5. Confront Neriscyrlas
  6. Escape the winter void



  • This quest to auto-acquired when you finished To Rise and Decline.
  • After you confront the dragon at Shattered Passage, you need to collect the soul fragments of the guardian. The fragments can be found across this map.
  • After talking to the guardian, the portal to other realms will open. There are three souls you can enlist, see The Bridge Ablaze, The Endless Queries and The Drowned Kingdom for more info. 
  • In each of the realms, you need to find enough soul fragments to enlist them. After you finished these three quests and are confident to face the final boss. Save the game then enter the lair.
  • The souls you helped will aid you against the dragon, however, that does not mean you have to fight her. You can convince her to fight Rymrgand, the God of winter instead. Either way, you will proceed to The White Void. ( You can talk her down with Insight 13 and Arcana 13 and suggest that you take her phylactery out with you if she joins forces and helps you destroy Eothas. If you are a wizard, after passing the previous checks you can ask Neriscyrlas to teach you how to make your own phylactery with Diplomacy 13 and saying you will use it for knowledge or to serve her. Alternatively, you can suggest her (Metaphysics 15) that if kith created gods, it stands to reason that they can also be destroyed, you can convince Neriscyrlas to leave her lair, taking the phylactery with her to confront the Beast. )
  • If you chose to fight the dragon, the souls that pledged themselves to aid you will appear and provide unique bonuses but only if you lure the beast close enough to them:
    • Navixa will immobilize the dragon using chains.
    • The King will call a powerful wave that will daze the dragon.
    • Waidwen will call a firestorm onto the dragon.
  • The White Void has some souls that will attack you, but the true challenge is the Beast of Winter himself. ( If you send the dragon here, she will be killed by the Beast) In order to escape the White Void, you must defeat the Beast of Winter.
  • The Beast is immune to freeze attack, so check your weapon before you encounter him. Use your tanks to keep the boss busy, so the DPS can do their job. But be careful, the beast occasionally will dash forward and one kill your healer/DPS. So move your Healer/DPS when it's about to dash. The beast's heavy attack can damage all opponents around him, so keep the tanks healthy.
  • Once you defeat the beast, you will be sent out the White Void and the quest is complete, 





  • Death's Depthless Dominion
    • I've entered the bitterly cold realm of Rymrgand. Only by hunting down the dragon Neriscyrlas can I hope to close the Vytmádh.
  • Locate the dragon
    • I've arrived in the Beyond but have yet to find the dragon Neriscyrlas. I must press deeper into Rymrgand's frigid domain if I'm to locate her.
    • If I'm to face Neriscyrlas, I must search the Shattered Passage for some way to pursue the dragon.
  • Search the echo realms and appeal to the souls sustaining them
    • Neriscyrlas took refuge in her lair, deep within the White Void. The guardian Rynhaedr warned me against descending deeper into Rymrgand's realm without the aid of those who call it home. I could search these decaying domains for magical aid and perhaps enlist the aid of the souls who keep them afloat above the pale abyss. Alternatively, I could destroy the souls, consigning their essence to Rymrgand in a bid to secure the god's elusive gratitude.
    • I located King Wingauro o Watūri I in the Drowned Kingdom and forced him to face the consequences of his actions.
    • I released the shackled spirit of Inquisitor Naxiva from her endless interrogation.
    • I freed St. Waidwen from the cycle of destruction at Godhammer Bridge.
  • Enter the dragon's lair
    • There's little more I can do in Rymrgand's realm to prepare for my confrontation with Neriscyrlas. If I'm to pursue her, I must descend into the pit she opened in the Shattered Passage.
  • Escape the White Void
    • After I confronted her, Neriscyrlas' lair crumbled, dumping me into the bleak tundra of the White Void. Rymrgand and Rynhaedr both warned me that there is no returning from these depths. If I'm to prove them wrong and return to Eora, I'll need to scour the realm for a way out.
  • Collect the Soul Fragments
    • I witnessed a spirit attack Neriscyrlas - only for the dragon to tear it apart. If I can locate the pieces of the spirit, perhaps I can reassemble it and learn more about the dragon.
    • I found a piece of the guardian's fragmented soul. If I locate the others, perhaps they can tell me more about Neriscyrlas.
  • Confront Neriscyrlas
    • I've descended into Neriscyrlas' Lair. Now I've no choice but to face the dragon that has blighted Rymrgand's Realm.


End States

  • Rymrgand agreed to release me from the Beyond - all I had to promise him was my soul. When I die, my soul will be destroyed in the White Void, never to be incarnated again.
  • Rymrgand accepted my pledge to act as his champion in Eora and returned me to the world of the living.
  • I convinced Rymrgand to return me to the world of the living as a reward for destroying the souls of King Wingauro o Watūri I, Inquisitor Naxiva ix Kirent, and St. Waidwen.
  • I convinced Rymrgand to return me to the world of the living, reminding him of my past service in his name.
  • I stood up against Rymrgand and bested his champion in combat. He unceremoniously dumped me back into the world of the living.
  • I sacrificed Ydwin to Rymrgand in exchange for my own release from the Beyond.


Tips & Tricks

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