Death's Depthless Dominion

Location The Shattered Passage
Reward ??

Death's Depthless Dominion is a Quest in Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire. 


Important NPCs

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  1. Locate the dragon
  2. Collect soul fragments
  3. Search the echo realms and appeal to the souls sustaining them.
  4. Enter the Dragon's Lair
  5. Confront Neriscyrlas
  6. Escape the winter void



  • This quest to auto-acquired when you finished To Rise and Decline.
  • After you confront the dragon at Shattered Passage, you need to collect the soul fragments of the guardian. The fragments can be found across this map.
  • After talking to the guardian, the portal to other realms will open. There are three souls you can enlist, see The Bridge Ablaze, The Endless Queries and The Drowned Kingdom for more info. 
  • In each of the realms, you need to find enough soul fragments to enlist them. After you finished these three quests and are confident to face the final boss. Save the game then enter the lair.
  • The souls you helped will aid you against the dragon, however, that does not mean you have to fight high. You can convince her to fight the God of winter instead. Either way, you will proceed to The White Void.
  • The White Void has some souls that will attack you, but the true challenge is the Beast of Winter himself. ( If you send the dragon here, she will be killed by the Beast) In order to escape the White Void, you must defeat the Beast of Winter.
  • The Beast is immune to freeze attack, so check your weapon before you encounter him. Use your tanks to keep the boss busy, so the DPS can do their job. But be careful, the beast occasionally will dash forward and one kill your healer/DPS. So move your Healer/DPS when it's about to dash. The beast's heavy attack can damage all opponents around him, so keep the tanks healthy.
  • Once you defeat the beast, you will be sent out the White Void and the quest is complete, 


Tips & Tricks

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