Desert Spider

Type Beast
Base Level 9
Resistances Dexterity Afflictions
Immunities None
Weaknesses None
Abilities Scalding Web, Boiling Blood, Blazing Grasp
Drops FangPyrite

Desert Spider is an Enemy in Pillars of Eternity 2.


Enormous and hostile spiders come in a terrifying array of shapes, sizes, and colors throughout the islands of the Deadfire. Much more aggressive than their tiny kin, these giants actively seek out human and animal prey. Even the weakest of them, the spear spider, can easily kill a grown kith if the victim is unprepared. Though the spear spider lacks a poisonous bite, its piercing legs, from which its name is derived, can inflict terrible wounds, even through armor.

More deadly than spear spiders are ivory spinners and widowmakers, both of which possess horrific, poisonous bites. The ivory spinner also has the ability to fire webbing at its prey, slowing it down. Widowmakers do not cast webs, but their poison is extraordinarily toxic.

Seldom seen outside of the most remote locations, the fabled crystal-eaters are enormous and powerful, possessing magical abilities some wizards believe have been developed through the consumption of adra and enchanted gemstones. In addition to their ability to raise a field of deadly crystal spikes, the venom of a crystal-eater will temporarily turn a victim's flesh and blood to stone. Subsequent attacks by the crystal-eater on a petrified foe are quickly fatal.




Desert Spider information

  • Damage: 14-17 Pierce
  • Damage (LH): None
  • Attributes: 16 Mig, 15 Con, 14 Dex, 18 Per, 8 Int, 15 Res

Stats table (without level-scaling):

Difficulty level / Stats

Base Health

Base Acc






Path of the Damned 165 77 69 9 (7slash, 13pierce, Imm.burn, 2freeze) 71 83 65


Desert Spider Location


Desert Spider Drop



Notes and Tips

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