+3% Action Speed per point

+2 Reflex per point

Dexterity is an Attribute in Pillars of Eternity 2. Dexterity affects the character's Action Speed with all attacks, spells, and abilities and contributes to the Reflex defense. It represents a combination of hand-eye coordination, swiftness, and overall grace.



Dexterity Information & Notes

  • Recommended for Ranged DPS and Casters
  • In turn-based mode, Dexterity works a little different. The Higher the dexterity, the lower initiative you have and will act before other characters.
  • In turn-based mode, each point of dexterity +4% stride, means you can move further each turn.



Dexterity Interactions & Requirements

Sleight-of-hand and fast reactions use Dexterity.

  • ??
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Constitution  ♦  Intellect  ♦  Might  ♦  Perception  ♦  Resolve


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