Dim Prospects

Level 6
Quest Type Faction Quest
Region Tikawara
Location Poko Kohara
The Adra Realm
Poko Kohara ruins
Imperial Command
Engwithan waystation

270 ~ 460 EXP
Restore the pillar:

  • Minor Positive reputation if you make an excuse

Destroy the pillar:

  • copper_pand_icon1,250
  • Moderate Positive reputation with the RDC
Quest ID FCT_QST_RDC01_Poko_Kohara

Dim Prospects is a Quest in Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire. Atsura asked the watcher to render the luminous adra at Poko Kohara. This is a faction quest of RDC.


Important NPCs




  1. Disrupt the luminous adra at Poko Kohara.
  2. Return to Atsura at Imperial Command in the Brass Citadel.




  • In order to complete this quest, you need to finish The Storms of Poko Kohara.
  • If you sabotaged to the great pillar in The Storms of Poko Kohara, you will gain a positive reputation with the RDC, and copper_pand_icon1,250.
  • Otherwise, you get a negative reputation of RDC as well as minor positive reputation by either choosing:
    • "Now that I have their trust. Imagine what I can do with that." or;
    • Pass a skill check of Bluff (4) - "My powers don't work that way. There was nothing I could do."'





  • Dim Prospects
    • Atsura has asked me to thwart the Vailian Trading Company's plans for Poko Kohara.
  • Disrupt the luminous adra at Poko Kohara
    • Atsura, grand secretary of the Royal Deadfire Company, wants me to impede the Vailians' progress at Poko Kohara. To that end, he's asked me to find a way to render the luminous adra there unusable. He didn't provide specific instructions, but the details may become clearer when I see the site for myself.
  • Return to Atsura at Imperial Command in the Brass Citadel
    • Atsura will want to know what happened at Poko Kohara.


End States

  • Atsura was pleased to hear that I'd destroyed the luminous adra pillar at Poko Kohara. He was intrigued at the effect on the local storms, as well.
  • Atsura was disappointed to hear that I'd restored the luminous adra at Poko Kohara. However, he was intrigued at the effect on the local storms.
  • The Royal Deadfire Company wants nothing more to do with me, so I won't be reporting back to them anytime soon.


Tips & Tricks

  • ??



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