Type Great Swords
Quality Exceptional
Damage 23-31 slashpierce
Penetration 8
Attack Time 0.7s
Recovery Time 4s


Exceptional: +30% Damage, +8 Accuracy, +2 Penetration
Menace: Chance to Shaken (-5 Resolve, -3 Power level) target on Critical Hit
Red Tear: Grants Red Tear (Self: +35 Health Restored)


Distraho is a Weapon in Pillars of Eternity 2.


The pirate known as Daneric the Bloody, captain of the Claret, carried this sword during a years-long campaign of murder and mayhem that took him from the seas of Aedyr to the shores of the White That Wends. He was indiscriminate in his violence, preying on merchants and other pirates alike in his quest for treasure and blood.The ships of his many victims were often discovered adrift, their decks littered with corpses and the riggings strewn with severed heads. Driven only by his insatiable need to spill blood, Daneric eventually began to forgo even plundering the vessels. As his infamy grew, entire flotillas set sail with the express purpose of hunting down the Claret and her captain.

Daneric’s crew, dissatisfied with a lack of loot and disillusioned with Daneric’s malevolent deeds, eventually sold him out to Vailian pirate hunters in exchange for clemency and a sizeable bounty. When the Vailians boarded, Daneric’s crew turned on their captain.

Salvagers later discovered the Claret floating adrift. The headless bodies of both crews covered the deck. Neither the Vailian frigate nor Captain Daneric were anywhere to be found.


Distraho Location/Where to find

  • Sayuka: Sold by Koami




Distraho Notes/Tips

  • Price:2410
  • Recovery Time: 4s
  • ID: ??


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