Dragon Pendant

Type Amulet

Breath of Flames: grants Breath of Flames

Call the Clutch: grants Call the Clutch

Dragon Scales: +1 Burn Armor Rating, +1 Slash Armor Rating

Dragon Pendant is a unique Amulet in Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire. Amulets can be equipped in their designated inventory slot and provide different effects.



This amulet is crafted from the tooth of a juvenile dragon.



Dragon Pendant Information

  • Value: 2010 cp
  • Breath of Flames: AoE 24-33 Burn, 5 Burn damage per 3.0 sec for 9.0 sec



Dragon Pendant Location/Acquire

    Accuracy vs. Reflex,  penetration 7, cast time 0.7 sec, recovery 4.0 sec, AoE 8m 60° cone, interrupts on Crit, 1 per rest. (last for 1 round in turn-base mode)
  • Call the Clutch: summon Desert Wurm, Young Drake, Wurm,  cast time 3.0 sec, recovery 4.0 sec, range 8m, duration 25.0 sec, 1 per rest. (last for 4 rounds in turn-based mode)
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  • Can be found on random shipwrecks or abandoned villages on the world map.



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