Class Options:

Fighter and Rogue

Merge Class Option






Meadow Human


Might: 16
Constitution: 16 
Dexterity: 11
Perception: 12 
Intellect: 10
Resolve: 13

Edér is a Companion in Pillars of Eternity 2. Companions assist the player by joining his/her party and have their own backstories and unique characteristics. They all have their own Classes and equipment they begin with.


"INGAME Description"



Edér Information

  • If he stays alive according to your PoE I Legacy choice, you meet him just in your cabin after returning to your body. However, you won't be able to recruit him until you deal with pirates and reach the land.
  • When you meet Eder on the beach, you can choose his class Fighter / Rogue / Swashbuckler. The choice CANNOT be changed later.



  • Starting Companion

Special Ability

Edér's character traits


  • Anti-Leaden Key: despises the Leaden Key and the violence and manipulation for which it is responsible. 
  • Animal Kindness: appreciates kindness and sentimentality toward animals of all kinds.
  • Pro-Eothasians: supports followers of Eothas.
  • Lighthearted: appreciates jokes and levity in life, even in the darkest of circumstances.
  • Traditional: respects and enjoys cultural traditions and believes they are worthwhile to observe and practice.


  • Animal Cruelty: has a negative reaction to people who are cruel or callous toward animals.
  • Anti-Eothasians: does not respond well to criticism of or hostility toward the followers of Eothas.
  • Pro-Leaden Key: distrusts the Leaden Key and those who make excuses for it.

Tips and Notes

  • Edér will be a returning companion from Pillars of Eternity in which your choices in the first game will greatly affect his current position in Deadfire
  • Edér's starting equipment depends on your decision in Pillars of Eternity I to support or to reject his faith in Eothas. Items Edér has regardless of options: Saint's War Armor, a sabre, a medium shield, a war bow, some Whiteleaf, some Potions of Minor Healing and a Stun Bomb. If your choice was to strenghthen Edér's skepticism, he starts PoE II: Deadfire with Dyrwoodan Mayoral Medallion. If he restored his faith in Eothas, he starts with The Night Market Amulet.

Edér Quest



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      Yes, this IS infact the guy between Kratos and the MHW hunter on Fextralife's rendition of The Last Supper.

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        Yes, this IS infact the guy between Kratos and the MHW hunter on Fextralife's rendition of The Last Supper.

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