Effigy of Skaen

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Effigy of Skaen is an Enemy in Pillars of Eternity 2.


An effigy of Skaen is a horrific creature called into being only by those most desperately oppressed who are willing to commit unspeakable acts to set themselves free.

Worshipers must choose one of their number to serve as the effigy, shaving this person's hair and removing all signs and symbols of gender or identity. The person is then scourged bloody over every inch of their body, their ears and nose cut off, their eyes gouged out and replaced with shiny black stones. Finally, they are made to drink the "privileged blood" of a person of wealth or high birth. This blood must be fresh, and the effigy must consume every drop.

If the offering is accepted by the god - which is not guaranteed - Skaen will manifest in the effigy and become an utterly unstoppable and pitiless vessel of the god's power, immune to pain and imbued with a monstrous strength. As soon as the target oppressors are slain - usually in a gruesome manner - the effigy falls dead.

True appearances of the effigy are vanishingly rare. In the most recent recorded case, about a century before the present day, an effigy reportedly led a backwoods peasant rebellion during which an entire noble family was captured, flayed alive, and nailed to the roof of their estate to be devoured by birds and flies.



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