Eye of Rymrgand

Type Trinkets
Effects Grants Winter's Veil

Eye of Rymrgand is a unique Trinket in Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire. Trinkets can be equipped in their designated inventory slot and provide different effects.



This gem feels like a lump of polished ice. A flaw just beneath the surface seems to follow you the longer you handle it. Tales woven around the so-called "Eye of Rymrgand" all share a central theme: that no one carries it for long. Every legend involving an intrepid hero falling into possession of the gem invariably ends with a tragic disappearance or doomed sea voyage. Some theories posit that the gem was snapped from an icicle in Rymrgand's White Void, and that its tireless search to return home draws mortals to the same dark fate. No matter the truth of such stories, the gem has a potent influence over the bearer.



Eye of Rymrgand Information

  • Value: None
  • Winter's Veil, 1 per rest ability:
    • Cast Time: 6.0 sec
    • Recovery Time: 2.0 sec
    • Area of Effect: Allied Target+1.5m radius from caster
    • Noise: Quiet
    • Effects: Allied AoE: 100% enemy Crit to Hit chance with non-Veil Piercing attacks, -50% incoming Damage from non-Veil Piercing attacks for 6.0 sec
  • In turn-based mode, this ability last for 1 turn.



Eye of Rymrgand Location/Acquire




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