Family Pride

Level 9
Quest Type Side Quest
Region Neketaka
Location Queen's Berth
Valera Estate
Bardatto Estate

6,076 Total EXP
Mediate peace:

Bardattos prevail:

Valera prevail:

Quest ID 03_QST_Rival_Houses

Family Pride is a Quest in Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire. Settle the struggle between Bardattos and Valera.


Important NPCs



  1. Investigate the ongoing feud between the Bardatto and Valera families.
  2. Eliminate the Bardattos.
  3. Kill Atello Valera.
  4. Report to Atello Valera.
  5. Report to Ezzali Bardatto.
  6. Survive the meeting.
  7. Resolve the situation in the vault.
  8. Speak to Ezzali Bardatto.
  9. Speak to Atello Valera.
  10. Speak to Captain Vilami.
  11. Deal with the thieves.
  12. Return to Ezzali Bardatto.



  • You will get this quest when you find Orso Valera and Larro Bardatto in a duel behind distract's waterfall.
  • After you find evidence that Valera family plans to sack Bardatto vault (A Sinking Feeling), Report to Ezzali Bardatto.
  • Alternatively, you can visit Valera family and persuade them to abandon the plot. This way you can arrange the two families to have a truce. Otherwise, you will have to kill one family leader to complete the quest.
  • Ezzali wants you to guard the vault, speak with Captain Vilami and wait for thieves.
  • Deal with the thieves, then report to Ezzali.
  • Ezzali gives you another job to kill Valera. Or you can switch side and kill Ezzali. Either way the quest is complete.





  • Family Pride
    • The Queen's Berth district in the city of Neketaka is home to several Vailian families. Two of the most prominent houses, Bardatto and Valera, appear to be in the midst of an escalating feud. Considering the importance of these families, I'm sure the Vailian Trading Company is invested in bringing the dispute to a close.
  • Investigate the ongoing feud between the Bardatto and Valera families
    • It may be worth looking into just why these two Houses are pitted against each other. Both families have estates here in Queen's Berth. Speaking with their respective heads should make the source of antagonism clearer.
    • Ezzali Bardatto has asked me to find information regarding a possible Valera plot. I'm on the lookout for Zili Valera.
    • I informed Ezzali Bardatto of the plan to rob her vault. She is poised to strike against the Valera family, should I agree to assist her.
    • Martino Valera has asked me to get rid of some trouble-makers by the local tavern as a means of proving myself. He'd rather they were dealt with permanently, but it's entirely up to me.
    • I cleared out the Rauataian soldiers at the tavern. That should put me in Martino Valera's good graces, for whatever that's worth.
    • Martino has no further work for the time being, though he suggested that I check back in a few days.
    • Atello Valera confessed that his family is in financial trouble. They are finding it difficult to compete with the Royal Deadfire Company.
    • The Bardatto family has recently lost a string of investments to corruption among its guardsmen.
    • The Valera family now believes the Príncipi to be responsible for the death of a relative, Zili Valera.
    • The Valera family now believes the Bardattos to be responsible for the death of a relative, Zili Valera.
    • I have decided to try and mediate peace talks between the two families. The first step is to talk to the head of each family and convince them to meet.
    • Ezzali has agreed to hear Atello out. I can head back to Atello Valera once I am ready to kick off the talks.
    • Atello has agreed to hear Ezzali out. I can head back to Ezzali Bardatto once I am ready to kick off the talks.
    • Peace talks have broken down. I don't think this will end in any way but bloodshed.
  • Eliminate the Bardattos
    • With reluctance, Atello Valera has given in to his son's desire that the Bardatto family be permanently removed from Neketaka. They have asked that I leave no witnesses.
  • Kill Atello Valera
    • Ezzali Bardatto has given up on any pretense of keeping the peace. She asked me to kill the head of the Valera family, Atello Valera.
    • I spoke to Atello Valera, who asked that I turn on Ezzali Bardatto. If I wish to side with the Valera family, I must kill all the Bardattos.
  • Report to Atello Valera
    • The Bardatto estate is now the scene of a massacre. I can report my success to Atello Valera in his estate in Queen's Berth in Neketaka.
  • Report to Ezzali Bardatto
    • Atello Valera is dead, bringing an end to any challenges to the Bardattos from that corner. Ezzali Bardatto should be pleased.
  • Survive the meeting
    • Peace negotiations between the Bardatto and Valera families have broken down, and violently. I'll have to fight my way out.
  • Resolve the situation in the vault
    • Some thieves from the Valera family, led by Belda, have made an attempt on Ezzali Bardatto's vault. Their heist isn't exactly going to plan, and Martino Valera insists I rescue them. It looks like the feud has escalated into open hostility. I doubt I'll be any more welcome inside the vault than the thieves were.
    • Belda has been killed.
    • Captain Vilami has been killed.
  • Speak to Ezzali Bardatto
    • After I helped him out in his duel, Larro pointed me to the Bardatto estate, here in Queen's Berth. There, I can speak to Ezzali Bardatto, the head of the family.
  • Speak to Atello Valera
    • After I helped him out in his duel, Orso pointed me to the Valera estate, here in Queen's Berth. There, I can speak to Atello Valera, the head of the family.
  • Speak to Captain Vilami
    • Ezzali asked me to speak with Captain Vilami in the Bardatto vault, on the lower level of her estate. We're to set an ambush for the Valera family. It looks like this feud has escalated into open hostility. Going forward with this will mean taking up Ezzali's cause.
  • Deal with the thieves
    • The Valera-hired thieves have arrived, as expected. Time to go to work.
  • Return to Ezzali Bardatto
    • The thieves are dead, and Ezzali has her evidence. I can report to her on the upper floor of the Bardatto estate in Queen's Berth in Neketaka.
  • Return to Atello Valera
    • I've dealt with Ezzali's guards. Atello and Martino Valera will want an update.


End States

  • Someone critical to the completion of this quest has been killed
  • I was able to convince Ezzali Bardatto and Atello Valera to see reason and bring their houses together in a profitable alliance. This should improve their fortunes, along with that of Vailian Trading Company operations in the region.
  • Atello Valera is dead, putting an end to his feud with Ezzali Bardatto. Ezzali has rewarded me for solving her problem.
  • The Bardatto family is dead, bringing an end to one of the Vailian Republic's oldest bloodlines - and their feud with the Valera family.
  • I have brought an end to both families, Bardatto and Valera alike.
  • Peace talks between the Bardatto and Valera families have culminated in a massacre.


Tips & Tricks

  • Pallegina will leave your party if she is present when you kill either of the heads of the family.
  • If you want a peaceful resolution, after you discover the plot to rob the vault you need to meet with the leaders of each family right away, otherwise you will be locked into supporting one family or the other



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