Godlike is a Race in Pillars of Eternity 2. Seven sub-types of godlikes appear in the game: Avian, Marine, Endings, Nature, Death, Fire, and Moon. The Watcher and custom hirelings can only be of Nature, Death, Fire, or Moon sub-type. Avian sub-type is unique to companion Pallegina, Marine is unique to companion Tekehu, and Endings is unique to sidekick Vatnir.



The godlike are children of the kith ("civilized" races) who have been blessed with physical aspects associated with the gods (though some do not consider it a blessing). These aspects may take many forms and often come with mystical powers. Aberrant head shapes are typical, and godlike are unable to wear protective headgear as it is near-impossible to find anything that fits. Because of their unusual nature and their inability to reproduce, godlike are often viewed with fear and wonder.



Godlike Description

  • As far as anyone can tell, godlike can be born to any race in any part of Eora. They are children of humanoids (most often humans) who have been "blessed" before birth (or cursed, depending on personal or social view) with the physical manifestation of a divine spark granted by the gods. Godlike manifest their divine heritage in a variety of ways: wings, horns, strange birthmarks, talons, odd eyes - but they always manifest it somehow.Though their appearance may vary, there's something unmistakably otherworldly about them. Godlike are viewed differently by the various factions, faiths, and cultures of the world. Sometimes, the reaction they get is overwhelmingly positive. Many times, the reaction is overwhelmingly not.

    Godlikes cannot reproduce and that's the reason why marriage is difficult for godlike in many areas because most societies consider marriage to exist for the purpose of raising children. In the Vailian Republics, godlike are legally considered to be without sex or gender regardless of how they appear or self-identify. Legal constructs that explicitly name (favorably or unfavorably) sexes or genders can cause problems for them.



Godlike Subraces

Nature Godlike

Appear to be a fusion of human and animal features, often covered by plants, moss, or fungi. This has led to the common stigma that they are diseased, and many are killed at birth because of it. Many druidic orders have a keen interest in Nature Godlike because of their general curiosity as to how souls occupy animals, plants, and stones.


Death Godlike

The most distrusted of their kind. Strange growths cover their eyes - or, in some case, entire face - giving them a sinister appearance. The growths are transparent for the godlike but opaque from the outside, hiding their features. Death Godlike are commonly killed at birth because many cultures consider them harbingers of doom.

Fire Godlike

The bodies of fire godlike often resemble hot metal, burnt wood, or stone, with harmless flames that erupt from the cracks in their skin. Fire godlike are objects of both reverence and fear in the Deadfire Archipelago. Many locals believe they have the power to awaken volcanoes - or that killing one will cause a volcano to awaken. In the Dyrwood, fire godlike are often seen as a sign of the blessing of Magran, goddess of war and fire.


Moon Godlike

Moon Godlike are the most tolerated of the godlike. While their skin tone and a large moon-like growth on their foreheads may be strange to some, their appearances are generally considered more palatable by the other kith. Sailors have many beliefs about Moon Godlike and their propensity to bring luck, though there is little agreement as to what kind of luck they tend to bring. They have physical properties associating them with the moon and water, which are both aspects of Ondra.


Avian Godlike

Their divine heritage from the goddess Hylea can be seen through their golden bird-like eyes, the presence of fully developed nictitating membranes, and the feathers that grow from their skin.


Endings Godlike

The touch of Rymrgand can leave a kith's soul a source of disease and decay. Sometimes referred to as endings godlike, these unfortunated find the power bestowed by their divine patron attacking not only their own body but the bodies of others.



Godlike Race Bonuses

  • Godlike are handled differently than the other races in character generation: you choose the type and the parent's race instead of choosing a sub-race. Godlikes of all subtypes get attribute bonuses to their Dexterity and Intellect, but they can't wear any headgear. Each subtype has a different passive bonus that is a little more powerful than passive bonuses from other races.
  • Death GodlikePallid Fate: Death godlike gain increased Power Level when they are Near Death.
  • Nature GodlikeWellspring Of Life: The souls of nature godlike respond powerfully to Inspiration. While a nature godlike is under the effects of any Might, Constitution, or Dexterity Inspiration they benefit from an increased Power Level.
  • Fire GodlikeAshen Skin: Fire godlike's skin is naturally resistant to Burn damage.  
  • Fire Godlike - Battle-Forged: When fire godlike are Bloodied or Near Death, their bodies harden, granting additional Armor Rating, and their souls lash out at attackers, causing Burn damage to anyone who hits them in melee.
  • Moon GodlikeSilver Tide: The souls of all moon godlike are connected to reserves of healing energy. In combat, the first time a moon godlike is Hurt, Bloodied, or Near Death, they will automatically generate a wave of healing around themselves.
  • Avian GodlikeElusive Quarry: +10 Deflection against ranged attacks, +10 Defense when Disengaging while Endurance below 50%, +3 Perception while Endurance below 50%.
  • Endings Godlike - Child of the Void: +5 All Defenses against Body Affliction / Mind Affliction attacks.
  • Endings Godlike - Plague Host: foe AoE per 6.0 sec: Sickened for 6.0 sec | Accuracy vs. Fortitude, when the godlike is below 50% Health




Godlike Tips & Notes

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