Griffin's Blade

Atk Time Rec Time Pen Dmg
0.7s 4s 8 17-25
Exceptional: +30% Damage, +8 Accuracy, +2 Penetration
Howling Blade: 50% Chance to Daze target and nearby enemies on Crit
Loyal Companion: Grants Steadfast (+5 Resolve) to allies in 5m radius when the wielder is Bloodied (25-50% Health). 1 per encounter
Initiative: 4 (in turn-based mode)

Griffin's Blade is a unique Weapon in Pillars of Eternity 2.


This bronze sword is not associated with a great smith, but with a modest artisan. The young craftswoman, noted for her talent at engraving and jewelry, received the unfinished blade from her local lord with a commission for a brass crossguard and pommel.Elated at the trust shown in her talents, the artisan worked tirelessly to complete the order. As she etched and polished, her faithful dog Griffin stayed at her side day and night. As days turned to weeks, the artisan began to forego food and sleep in her effort to fulfill her commission. When she became discouraged, Griffin - her ever faithful companion - was there to encourage her with a nuzzle and a loving lick.

One day while working, the artisan looked down at her feet to find her beloved canine companion cold and still. Griffin had died curled at her feet, faithful to the last. Heartbroken, the artisan decided to commemorate the hound on the piece into which she had poured her heart and soul. She crafted the pommel into Griffin's likeness, taking some comfort in knowing that when the lord carried his sword, he too would always have a loyal companion at his side.



Griffin's Blade Location/Where to find

  • Location: The Gullet, Neketaka
    • Acquisition: A random encounter can be triggered by the watcher while travelling to The Gullet in Neketaka - you will find Skuldrs and Cave Grubs attacking a young girl named Kusi. Win the battle and Kusi will provide the sword as a reward.



Griffin's Blade Quality

Players can only upgrade a Unique Weapon's Quality to a higher tier level. Upgrading the Quality only affects the Damage by 15%, Accuracy by 4 points, and Penetration by 1 point.










Griffin's Blade Unique Enchantment Upgrades

Enchantments play a vital role in a player's equipment, these Enchantments provide different special effects that can be used as an advantage in battle. Some Unique Weapons carry multiple Enchantments that players may equip and some Unique Weapons only has one Enchantment. These Enchantments can only be found in Unique Items and can be upgraded if needed.

Players can unlock all of the upgrade listed for each Enchantment but can only choose one to be equipped. By doing this, players must have the required ingredients as well as efficient Copper Pands (CP) to be able to craft their preferred upgrade.


Howling Blade

Possible Upgrades below. You can choose only one.

Hound's Resilience

Hound's Courage

Hound's Speed

-10% Damage taken from Melee attacks, +5 Fortitude +10% Damage with Spells, +5 Will +10% Action Speed, +5 Reflex
wolf_fang_sFang x1
 primal_flame_sPrimal Flame x1
 mother_of_pearl_sMother of Pearl x1
hide_stag_sPelt x1
primal_earth_sPrimal Rock x1
velune_sVelune x1
bear_claw_sClaw x1
garnet_sGarnet x1
primal_wind_sPrimal Wind x1



Griffin's Blade Notes/Tips

  • Price: copper_pand_icon1207
  • Handing: One-handed 


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