Grimoire of Spark and Flame

Type  Grimoire

Grimoire of Spark and Flame is a Grimoire in Pillars of Eternity 2.



A grimoire is the lifeblood of any wizard's magical repertoire. These books are painstakingly constructed with rare materials arranged in precise configurations, and are able to temporarily hold fragments of ambient soul essence, which is channeled through the book and discharged in the form of a spell.

It is a popular misconception among the uninitiated that wizards are the shapers of the magical energies they wield. In truth it is the pages of the grimoire that do the shaping. The art of wizardry is in the disciplined control and manipulation of the grimoire, with the most skilled wizards able to coax spells of maximal effectiveness and magnitude from their tomes.

Though all grimoires are limited by a finite set of pages, many accomplished wizards are known to carry several grimoires at once to handle a variety of situations.



Grimoire of Spark and Flame Information

  • Value: 280 cp 
  • Vendor price: 1400 cp 
  • Number of spell per school: 2 Transmutation, 9 Evocation, 2 Conjuration, 4 Enchanting, 1 Illusions



Grimoire of Spark and Flame Location/Acquire



Grimoire of Spark and Flame Spells

Level Spell Name Description Price
Level 1

Jolting Touch
 (Electricity, Transmutation)


Fan of Flames
 (Fire, Evocation)

A bolt of electricity jumps from the caster's fingers to the nearest enemy, and then to the next nearest, causing decreasing amounts of Shock damage.


Creates a cone of fire in front of the caster, causing Burn damage to anyone in the area of effect.




Level 2

Combusting Wounds
 (Transmutation, Fire)


Rolling Flame
 (Fire, Evocation)

Causes enemy wounds in the area of effect to ignite, inflicting additional Burn damage over time each time they are wounded.


Creates a rebounding ball of fire, inflicting Burn damage upon anyone in its path.




Level 3

Crackling Bolt
 (Electricity, Evocation)


 (Fire, Evocation)

Caster becomes a living generator for a powerful bolt of electricity that streaks out in a straight line and bounces off walls, harming anything caught in its path.


Summons a flaming ball of molten earth that explodes at a targeted location, causing Burn damage to all in the area of effect.




Level 4

Wall of Flame
 (Conjuration, Fire)


Flame Shield
 (Fire, Evocation)

Generates a fearsome vertical sheet of flame, inflicting Burn damage on anyone moving through it.


Engulfs the caster in fire, increasing their Freeze Damage Reduction and causing Burn damage to anyone who damages them with a melee attack.




Level 5

Llengrath's Safeguard


Torrent of Flame
 (Fire, Evocation)

An insidious magical contingency activates when the caster hits 50% Endurance. He or she immediately knocks all immediately close enemies prone while gaining a Damage Reduction and Defense bonus for a short time.


Instantiates a terrifying inferno of flame around the caster, inflicting Burn damage on everyone nearby.




Level 6

Chain Lightning
 (Evocation, Electricity)


Arcane Reflection

The caster calls forth a tremendous bolt of electricity that arcs directly to a single target and then jumps between up to six nearby enemies. Others in the area of effect are not harmed by the arcane lightning.


Creates a field of arcane energy around the caster, reflecting hostile targeted spells up to 5th level back at their casters (for a total of 15 spell levels).




Level 7

Delayed Fireball
 (Fire, Evocation)


Substantial Phantom

The wizard hurls out a tiny ball of flame that sits for a fixed amount of time before exploding for heavy Burn damage.


Substantial Phantom is an advanced version of Essential Phantom, creating an independent copy of the wizard that can cast a small set of low-level spells (Minoletta's Minor Missiles, Necrotic Lance, and Arduous Delay of Motion). Due to the advanced nature of the spell, the copy from Substantial Phantom is more durable than Essential Phantom.




Level 8

Major Grimoire Imprint


Wall of Many Colors

Allows the wizard to temporarily "borrow" druid, priest, or wizard spells of 7th level or lower. For a short duration, the wizard can cast the stolen spells freely.


Summons a scintillating wall of varied colors that inflicts varied damage and afflictions on enemies passing through it.




Level 9

Meteor Shower


Llengrath's Reflection

A series of fiery meteors fall from the sky, pummeling the area with burn damager on impact and additional burn damage over time.


Creates a field of arcane energy around the caster, reflecting hostile targeted spells back at their casters (for a total of 50 spell levels).










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