Harsh Medicine

Level 6
Quest Type Side Quest
Region Neketaka
Location The Gullet

5,605 Total EXP
Return the medicine:

  • copper_pand_icon50
  • Halgot's Warmth
  • Major Positive reputation with Delver's Row and the Gullet

Sell the medicine to Pitli:

  • copper_pand_icon200
  • Halgot's Warmth
  • Minor Positive reputation gained with Children of the Dawnstars
  • Major Positive reputation gained with The Gullet.
Quest ID 06_QST_Cold_Hard_Hope

Harsh Medicine is a Quest in Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire. Several Roparu in the Gullet have fallen ill with drowner's lung, a deadly and contagious disease. Pitli, a priestess from the Children of the Dawnstars, is caring for them in secret and needs medicine.


Important NPCs



  1. Go to Delver's Row in the Gullet.
  2. Find drowner's lung medicine on Delver's Row.
  3. Give the drowner's lung medicine to Pitli in her home in the Gullet.



  • Visit Pitli's Sanctuary, the priestess there is tending to sick Roparus. She wants you to find the medicine for drowner's lung.
  • First, you need to find how to get in Delver's Row, the black market of The Gullet. You can learn the information from Enoi or Fyrna in the tavern. Interact with the Narrow, turn right first, then go forward until you see a merchant stall, the entrance is behind a curtain. You need to pay a toll in order to get into the Delver's Row, or force the way in.
  • The Medicine you need can be purchased from Ernezzo (800 cp) in Delver's Row. If you don't want to pay him, you can kill the Spindle Man for him. But be careful, Spindle Man's guards can read your mind. Alternatively, you tell the plot to Spindle Man, he suggests you steal the medicine from Ernezzo.
  • You can also hire Rust to assassinate either Ernezzo (300 cp) or The Spindle Man (600 cp). Rust will take a day to get the job done.
  • Another alternative is to have a character with at least Perception (18-20) and have that character find the secret switch which opens the door to a secret room where you'll find the medicine. You will also automatically be able to find this switch at any Perception as a reward if you talk with Spindle Man and tell him that Ernezzo wanted you to kill him. See image below.
  • Once you have the medicine, return to Pitli, she will reward you a Halgot's Warmth (priest ring). 





  • Harsh Medicine 
    • Several Roparu in the Gullet have fallen ill with drowner's lung, a deadly and contagious disease. Pitli, a priestess from the Children of the Dawnstars, is caring for them in secret and needs medicine.
  • Go to Delver's Row in the Gullet
    • Pitli thinks I could find the medicine she needs on Delver's Row.
    • Pitli doesn't know how to reach Delver's Row, but the people that hang around the tavern might.
  • Find drowner's lung medicine on Delver's Row
    • Delver's Row is bustling with shops and suspicious characters. One of them is bound to have the medicine Pitli needs. 
    • Ernezzo is rumored to have the medicine.
    • Ernezzo promised to give me the medicine if I kill the Spindle Man, another Delver's Row merchant.
    • Some of Ernezzo's gang leave his shop at night to go drink. It will be lightly guarded then.
    • The Spindle Man proposed that I kill Ernezzo instead. It promised me lower prices in return.
    • The Spindle Man mentioned a secret entrance to Ernezzo's storeroom. I can sneak in from the wooden catwalk east of his shop.
    • The Spindle Man is no more.
    • Rust will eliminate Ernezzo for me.
    • I've hired Rust to kill the Spindle Man.
    • Ernezzo is dead.
  • Give the drowner's lung medicine to Pitli in her home in the Gullet
    • I have the medicine Pitli needs. She and the sick Roparu are waiting for it at her home in the Gullet. 
    • I stole the medicine from Ernezzo.
    • I killed Ernezzo and took the medicine.


End States

  • I informed on the sick Roparu. Pitli and her charges were banished to the Old City.
  • I gave the medicine to Pitli. She and the sick Roparu are recovering.
  • Someone critical to this quest has died.


Tips & Tricks

  • ??



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