Health represents a character's short-term survivability.

Health is a stat in Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire


Damage that is not reduced by a character's Armor Rating goes straight to their Health. Potions and healing magic (such as from a paladin, priest, or druid) can restore Health in combat. When a character's Health reaches 0, he or she will be Knocked Out. A Knocked Out character can be brought back in combat through the use of a Revive ability. Otherwise, characters will regain all of their Health at the end of combat (assuming they're on the winning side)



Health Notes & Tips

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Accuracy  ♦  Deflection  ♦  Fortitude  ♦  Penetration  ♦  Recovery  ♦  Reflex  ♦  Stride  ♦  Will


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