Horns of the Bleak Mother





Beast's Cunning:  +1 Perception, Resistance to Resolve afflictions
Against Claw and Horn: +10 Accuracy against Beasts

Horns of the Bleak Mother is a Helm in Pillars of Eternity 2.


 No one knowsfor certain the true nature of the being known as the Bleak Mother. Some say she is the progenitor of a hundred-hundred young, terrible creatures that stalk in wild places best left forgotten, preying on kith and beast. Others maintain her domain is that of thorns and tangled roots, and that her children ensnare and devour those who wander off the path. Real or imagined, the Mother is only talked about in whispers by those who trek darkened woods and brave the untamed wilderness.

Horns of the Bleak Mother Information



Horns of the Bleak Mother Location



Horns of the Bleak Mother Notes/Tips

  • Value: 160 cp
  • Vendor price: 800 cp



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