Huana is a Faction in Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire



The Huana are the primary indigenous people of Deadfire who have a tribal structure to their civilization. Though largely decentralized, the Huana share common values steeped in mythology and a sense of guardianship over the isles they call home. 

For millenia, the Huana were able to live apart from the rest of Eora, due to the remote location of Deadfire, sea monsters, and the dominance of the Wahaki, a xenophobic and militant tribe that refused any and all attempts at trade from outsiders and doggedly chased them from Deadfire. Their actions have painted a slanted view of the Huana in general, straining diplomatic relations between foreign powers and more moderate tribes. The situation continued until a determined push by the future Principi sen Patrena, fleeing the empire's collapse, and a group of dwarven explorers in 2742 AI that settled at Balefire Beacon and forged the first trade relations with local Huana tribes. The relations continued until the dwarves fell prey to a combination of naga and undead attacks on the outpost. The last of the dwarves boarded up and abandoned the beacon, leaving for unknown fates, but the opening of trade relations would survive them, allowing for other powers to push into the Deadfire.

It did not take long for other powers to take notice. Rauatai followed suit, expanding into the archipelago in 2758 AI through the Royal Deadfire Company. With imperial backing, the fleets attempted a land grab and clashed with both the naga and the Wahaki tribe. Both the naga and the Wahaki were defeated in a series of bloody battles, the most notable of which took place at the Nakaro Atoll, where fleets of Huana voyagers and warriors were slaughtered by depth charges originally meant for use against Deadfire sea monsters. Unwilling to bow to either Rauatai or the Republics, the Crown dispatched three watershapers to retaliate against the RDC by sinking its flagship, the Tenets of Iron, in a magical whirlpool. Although the incident was covered up by the kingdom, rumors of the Watershapers' might spread, forcing both to reconsider their strategy and treat the Huana united under the Kahanga banner as partners... For a time.

The Crown was aware that the Watershapers' Guild was in decline after centuries of neglect. While the awe and fear they inspired in the wake of the confrontation with Rauatai was an asset, it was meaningless in the long term due to their small numbers, with even fewer among them capable of reaching a fraction of the full might of the art. In 2801 AI, the solution presented itself in the form of Periki. As Guildmaster, she reformed the guild and instituted new ways of learning and study, bringing back old secrets from oblivion and allowing more Storm Speakers to graduate than ever before in the guild's history. The Guild rose to prominence in Huana politics, becoming an asset that evened out the balance of power between the Huana, Rauatai, and the Republics.

Huana faction quests


Huana Reputations

Your reputation with a faction decides how they see you, there are three types of reputations you can have with a faction: good, bad, and mixed. Losing reputation and gaining reputation don't cancel each other out, but instead are tracked separately. If your positive and negative reputation are around the same, your overall reputation will be mixed.

If your reputation with Huana is bad, all Principi ships at Deadfire archipelago will turn hostile and try to hunt you. Including some special captains. 

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