Hunting Season

Level 10
Quest Type Side Quest
Region Sayuka
Location Bentbranch Bog

1,485 EXP
Kills the druids:

Kill Okaya:

Quest ID 15_QST_Hunting_Season

Hunting Season is a Quest in Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire. The port of Sayuka (north of Nekataka) has a conflict with druids native to the island. You can try to end the conflict by helping one of the sides.


Important NPCs




  1. Defend Sayuka
  2. Speak to Fleet Master Okaya
  3. Travel to Bentbranch Bog
  4. Find and kill the druid leaders
  5. Return to Fleet Master Okaya
  6. Return to the druids




  • When you are at Sayuka, some druids suddenly appear and attack the town. Help the soldiers defend Sayuka.
  • Speak with Fleet Master Okaya and she'll reward you with copper_pand_icon500 as well as starting this quest. You'll learn about the conflict between the Druids regarding this quest, and when you're ready, travel to Bentbranch Bog to confront the Druid Leaders.
  • Once you arrive at the location, you'll face enemies before reaching the Druid Leaders. Upon confronting them, you'll have the choice of simply attacking them or to try to listen to their plans and decide on either killing Okaya or to proceed in killing the leaders.
  • Kill the Druid Leaders (Recommended)
    • If you decide to kill the Druid Leaders, simply kill them and make sure to loot the body of the Druid of Spring to obtain the Saint Omaku's Mercy
    • Or you can also pretend to agree in helping them so that the Druid of Spring hands you the weapon, and then attack them.
    • Regardless of your tactic, after killing them, report back to Okaya and you'll be rewarded with various items and a Major Positive reputation with the Royal Deadfire Company.
  • Kill Fleet Master Okaya
    • If you listen to the Druid Leaders and help them, the Druid of Spring will still hand you the Saint Omaku's Mercy.
    • Now, if Maia Rua is in your party during this event, you'll lose major relationship with her, a major reputation loss towards the Royal Deadfire Company, and Maia will betray you and warn the fleet master once you step in the Fleet Master's quarters.
    • Killing the fleet master will please the Druid Leaders but in exchange, the Royal Deadfire Company will permanently become hostile and the majority of the NPCs located in the city will attack you upon leaving the premises.
    • If you do kill her, report back to the Druid Leaders to close the quest.
    • Alternatively, if you want to unlock more dialogues, after agreeing to the Druid Leaders, (make sure Maia is not in the party), report back to Okaya to gain a Reasonable or Honest reputation bonus, but she'll still insist that you get rid of them.





  • Hunting Season
    • A pack of enraged animals led by a group of druids has attacked the Royal Deadfire Company port of Sayuka.
  • Defend Sayuka
    • A Royal Deadfire Company soldier warned me that Sayuka was under attack by druids and wild animals. I doubt the druids will know I'm not a Company soldier, so I should help defend the port - if only to save my own hide.
  • Speak to Fleet Master Okaya
    • I helped the Royal Deadfire Company soldiers fight off the druids attacking Sayuka. I should find out whether Fleet Master Okaya survived the encounter.
    • (Alternate) I abandoned the port of Sayuka during the druid attack. The fight is surely over by now, so when I have time, I should see how Fleet Master Okaya and her soldiers fared.
  • Travel to Bentbranch Bog
    • Fleet Master Okaya said the druids' leaders are holed up in Bentbranch Bog deep in the interior of Sayuka. The soldiers she sent to investigate failed to return, so she's asked that I travel to the bog and eliminate the druid leaders myself.
  • Find and kill the Druid leaders
    • When I arrived at Bentbranch Bog, I discovered that the soldiers Fleet Master Okaya sent were slaughtered by the druids. Killing the druid leaders should put an end to their conflict with the Royal Deadfire Company in Sayuka.
    • The druids told me their attacks on Sayuka won't end until Fleet Master Okaya is dead. I could kill her myself, but if I do, I'll become an enemy of the Royal Deadfire Company for good.
  • Return to Fleet Master Okaya
    • I killed the druid leaders as Fleet Master Okaya requested. I should let her know the deed is done.
  • Return to the Druids (If you decide to kill Okaya)
    • I killed Fleet Master Okaya as the druids requested. I should let them know the deed is done.


End States

  • I wiped out the druids to protect Sayuka. Fleet Master Okaya was overjoyed that logging operations can now being in earnest, and she rewarded me well for my efforts.
  • The Royal Deadfire Company has ordered that I be killed on sight. I doubt Fleet Master Okaya wants my help with Sayuka's druid problem any longer.
  • I killed Fleet Master Okaya, so I can no longer help her solve Sayuka's druid problem.
  • I killed Fleet Master Okaya as the druids requested. They should be free from the Royal Deadfire Company's intervention - for now.


Tips & Tricks

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