Type Rings
Effects Flame Ward: +3 Burn Armor Rating, +10 all Defenses against Fire attacks
Overwhelm: Being critically hit with a Fire attack will cause interrupt and give a -10 Will penalty for 30 sec

Ibis is a unique Ring in Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire. Rings can be equipped in their designated inventory slot and provide different effects.



This ring was discovered at the home of the dwarf alchemist Nikolya Volk after her infamous disappearance. When her creditors scoured her house for valuables, the ring was sitting on the entry table. A small scrap of parchment next to it bore Nikolya's handwriting. It appeared to have been torn from a larger volume, possibly a diary.

"...where the birds sing a pretty song," it read.

The band of this mysterious ring is of an unknown metal, but the stone set in its center is almost certainly jade. The gemstone bears an ancient pictograph depicting an owl. Paradoxically, the Engwithan word for "ibis" is embossed around the band. Donning the ring briefly fills the ears with the sounds of birdsong and running water.



Ibis Information

  • Value: 50 cp
  • In turn based mode, the ability last for 5 rounds.



Ibis Location/Acquire



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