Iron Gut

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Iron Gut is a Tasks of Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire. 


Important NPCs

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  1. Speak to Rosenella.
  2. Acquire the ingredients for Ondra's Bile.
  3. Return to Iron Gut Pietro.
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  • Pietro at The King's Coffin swallowed a precious gemstone but he could not get it out, agree to help in exchange for the gem.
  • Speak to Rosenella at Radiant Court, then acquire the needed ingredients. The food merchant at Radiant Court sells unripened palm stone (not always, speak with her multiple times until she sell it.) Rotten hagfish can be found in a barrel on the east side of Lifter's Refuge. Fire Kelp extract can be bought from Jacob Harker of King's Coffin.
  • Return to Iron Gut Pietro and give him the ingredients.


Tips & Tricks

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